Cool Technology for Pharmacy

This week’s Cool Technology for Pharmacy is a piece of software from Zynx Health called ZynxOrder.

ZynxOrder is a knowledge management system for developing and maintaining evidence-based order sets, alerts, and reminders. According to the Zynx Health website: “ZynxOrder publishes the order set templates and software tools that enable you to measurably improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of care. The content includes more than 850 order set templates. ZynxOrder has four key components: Clinical Content, Implementation, Collaborative Technology, and Deployment.”

Zynx Health is a company composed of physicians, nurses, and other allied health care professionals that continually review medical literature and use the information to develop guidelines in the form of evidence-based order sets found in ZynxOrder. The online work environment provides users several template options for medical conditions ranging from community acquired pneumonia and congestive heart failure to post-operative pain management and bowel care. Once a template has been chosen, the user selects evidence-based treatment options from a list. Nothing could be easier.

I received a demo of the software several months ago and was quite impressed. Anyone that develops and manages hundreds of order sets will appreciate the functionality and user friendly interface that ZynxOrder offers. All order sets are stored in a centralized database and all changes are tracked via strict version control. ZynxOrder even offers an interface between the order set development software and the Siemens Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) system, allowing the user to quickly upload new and revised order sets upon final approval.

The only real downside to the software is the cost; however literature is available to support cost savings associated with systems like ZynxOrder. I think it’s worth a look.

Zynx Health also offers a monthly newsletter called Evidence Alert. The newsletter offers the cliff notes version of findings from recent medical literature. It’s free and available to anyone willing to ask.

4 thoughts on “Cool Technology for Pharmacy”

  1. Jeremy,

    Do you recall what ZynxOrder costs? Do they charge for a subscription on an annual basis, or some sort of term? Thanks.

  2. Hi Chad,

    No I don’t recall the cost. It was a bit pricey, but worth every penny in my opinion. Trying to keep up with order sets is a pain in the rear and dealing with the physicians just gives me a headache.


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