Interesting observation about EMR and babies

EMR and HIPAA: “However, the thing that hit me most was that the computer was so rarely in the middle of my wife and baby’s care. At all of the most important points the computer wasn’t even really present. Other sophisticated technical devices were there, but the computer and the EMR were no where to be seen. No EMR when they measured her contractions. No EMR when they gave her a spinal tap (don’t ask me the real technical terms). No EMR when the doctor was performing the c-section. The first time I saw an EMR was actually when we took my new born baby into another room to do all the necessary weighing, immunizations, etc.” – Nursing units where babies are delivered (insert naming convention here: “OB”, “Mother-Baby”, “Post-Partum”, etc) often use some form of EMR, but it may not be the same one as the rest of the facility. One thing I’ve learned during my involvement in several projects here at the hospital is that “OB” does everything just a little bit differently. When we implemented Pyxis and eliminated floor stock, they fought us every step of the way. When we implemented Alaris pumps, they fought us every step of the way. As we move forward with barcode medication administration (BCMA), they are fighting us every step of the way. The same was true during the meeting to discuss our implementation plans for CPOE. The argument is always the same, “that just won’t work for us because we’re different”. I think every nursing unit feels that way at first, but most come around after they give the technology a fair evaluation. Every unit has little nuances; it just takes some time to work through them. Now, if I could only figure out how to make OB feel same way.{sigh}

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