Mac tablet coming soon? “The translations are a little sketchy but the ChinaTimes is basically saying that in October, Apple will launch a $800, 10-inch tablet.   Most of this information has been published before so it isn’t certain whether or not this is a rehash of that information or from new sources.  The biggest question at this point is which OSX will it run?  Will it be the Mac OS, the iPhone OS or some hybrid?  The iPod launches are usually in September so a iPod platform device would indicate some deviation.  Also, Apple’s tablet patents seem to indicate that they are working on a full MacOS tablet.” – I really hope this is accurate, especially if the Mac tablet runs on the iPhone OS. Unfortunately the Mac tablet rumor has been floating around for years and has yet to materialize into something tangible. Those of you that know me understand my infatuation with tablet computers. The tablet platform is the perfect combination of desktop power and mobile utility. Pharmacy has yet to unlock the power of tablet computers in the clinical setting, but I believe that will change in the near future. I push my tablet agenda every chance I get.

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  1. Apple, please ship a tablet so my brother can breathe again. :-) Yes, he is obsessed with tablet computers, and who can blame him? In his particular field they can be quite useful.

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