Find a clinical trial using your iPhone

Healthcare IT Consultant: “Buoyed by the encouraging use of its PHR and Twitter based Clinical Trial matching service, TrialX is readying to release its iPhone application this month. This application, designed for doctors and patients, further underscores TrialX’s commitment to drive technology enabled consumer-driven healthcare. Using the TrialX iPhone App, doctors can search for clinical trials that their patients may be eligible for and email the results to the patients right away. They can filter clinical trials by location, medical condition, treatment, institution conducting the trial and other parameters. Similarly, patients and/or their loved ones can use this application to search for clinical trials. A video demo and screenshots of the new application are available at TrialX Mobile (” – You can search for clinical trials at the TrialX website as well. In addition, TrialX can identify clinical trials that may fit your condition based on your Google Health or MicrosoftVault profile. Take a second to browse around their site, it’s pretty slick.

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