Cool Technology for Pharmacy

medminder_mayaMaya from MedMinder looks like and ordinary medication organizer with 28 separate compartments representing a week’s supply of medication (7 columns = 7 days/week x 4 rows = AM/Noon/PM/HS). The device uses wireless technology to update MedMinder’s central database with the patient’s medication activity. Patients and caregivers can access this information via the web or receive emails and text messages with reminders and reports.

Maya reminds patients when it’s time to take their medication via a flashing light attached to the appropriate medication compartment. If the compartment is not accessed within a specified timeframe, Maya generates an audible alert as well as a phone call, text message or email if desired by the patient or caregiver.

The Maya medication organizer is equipped with wireless capability so it can be set up and managed via the internet. What if the user doesn’t have internet access? No problem, the patient or caregiver can call MedMinder directly and do everything over the phone. This option eliminates the need for users to purchase additional hardware.

According to mobihealthnews, the MedMinder system will be used by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care in an attempt to improve compliance in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). In addition, the MedMinder system was recently featured in an August 30, 2009 article in the Boston Globe. According to the article “MedMinder is also starting to sell the Maya to individual consumers. The device is priced at $77.50, and users will pay $30 a month for support and the wireless connection. (MedMinder will confront one of the same challenges Lifeline had: Unfortunately, older customers tend to die on you after a few years.)”


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