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The Capsule Machine

profill_capmachineCapsule machines don’t exactly automate the process of filling capsules from scratch, but they sure do speed up the process. Anyone that has spent time punching capsules by hand will appreciate what a capsule machine can do for you. They are a real time saver.

Devices like these are used almost exclusively by compounding pharmacies and typically make up to 100 capsules at a time. Sure there are bigger capsule machines out there, but they typically aren’t used in community based pharmacies. I spent many hours in just such a pharmacy using capsule machines to make all sorts of things for both human and animal consumption. I don’t know how many thousand capsules I made, but rest assured it was a lot.

The capsule machine of choice where I worked was the Fenton. They were great machines; easy to use and extremely quick to set up because each machine could only compound a single capsule size. For example, we had several Fenton capsule machines ranging in size from a #0 to a #4 capsule.  I couldn’t find a website for the company so I assume that they are no longer in business.


The ProFill 100 Capsule Filler (a.k.a “capsule machine”) is a nice piece of hardware. I’ve never used one, but the video on YouTube reminds me a lot of the Fenton. The major difference appears to be interchangeable plates allowing users to use a single base for more than one capsule size. While this may be more economical, it’s a pain having to change the plates just to do a different size capsule. How would I know since I’ve never used one you may ask? You’ll have the answer in the next paragraph. (ProFill brochure (PDF))

The Jaansun Capsule Machine was by far the most popular capsule machine in use during my compounding years. The Jaansun is supplied exclusively by Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) out of Houston, Texas. You have to be a member to view the device online, but here is a link to a photo. Similar to the ProFill in many ways, the Jaansun utilizes a single base with interchangeable plates. The compounding pharmacy I worked in had both Fenton and Jaansun capsule machines. I almost always went for the Fenton.

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  1. Liza – There are various places. PCCA is your best bet, but that requires a rather pricey membership. I’d recommend Googling ‘pharmacy capsule machine’. You’ll get plenty of links to follow. – Jerry

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