All roads lead to Rome, err….I mean Twitter.

internet_overloadUntil the next big thing comes along Twitter is king. That’s why I found this Tweet from Robert Scoble so interesting. The Tweet itself simply let me to a blog article written by Louis Gray. The blog discusses two distinctly different approaches to sharing information; Louis Gray’s approach versus Robert Scoble.

Louis utilizes Google Reader to collect and sort various RSS feeds. Any story, blog, article, etc. that he finds interesting get pushed to Twitter via the share feature in Google Reader (see the graphical representation at Louis’ site).

In the other corner you have Robert “using not RSS, but Twitter, to share the best of the technology Web as it streams on his screen.” Robert appears to be making extensive use of his Twitter Favorites.

I’ve found Twitter to be a valuable tool for collecting information from sources that I would have never thought to pursue. It is truly a micro-RSS feed if ever there was one. With that said I still like to use Google Reader for many of the reason listed by Louis in his post; “1. Sharing of the Original Source, 2. Full Content Beyond 140 Characters, 3. Rich Media, 4. Integrated Comments On Each Item, 5. Not All Blog Content Gets Sent To Twitter.” Twitter gives me a starting point, while Google Reader is typically my final stop.

I use a Firefox add-on called Better GReader that allows me to preview an entire post from within Google Reader, something I don’t believe can be accomplished with Twitter. When I find something worth sharing I use the functionality of Google Reader to push the information through FriendFeed directly to Twitter, so I suppose my method is almost identical to Louis Gray’s.

There are so many ways to collect information from the internet that it makes my head spin just trying to keep up. Robert Scoble is well known for being on the edge of things which means that he’s probably at a place that I’ll get to in about 12 months, but for now I’ll continue using the system I’ve developed because it’s working for me. And that’s really the key to any system; finding the right fit for you.

Keep in mind that no matter what you’re using this week to collect and share information there is a good chance that it will be obsolete in the not too distant future. As long as you’re open to change you should be fine. Even Twitter won’t last forever; nothing ever does.

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