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xcelerdose600The Xcelodose 600 S System , manufactured by Capsugel, a division of Pfizer, is a precision powder micro-doser and automated encapsulator designed for pharmaceutical research and development. The system has the ability to fill formulations or active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) directly into capsules with a remarkable level of accuracy. The Xcelodose can weigh doses as low as 100 micrograms from a variety of powders, including free flowing, sticky, granular and blended. In addition, the Xcelodose can dispense API in capsule sizes ranging from 00 to 4.

Simply poor the ingredients into the hopper, select the proper capsule size and hit the “go” button. Nothing could be simpler. The Xcelodose 600 can generate up to 600 capsules per hour while keeping detailed records of individual, as well as batch, capsule weight. Capsules not meeting strict control standards, typically 2% tolerance, are automatically jettisoned by the machine. By encapsulating API directly into capsules without the need for excipients, the Xcelodose System can reduce the amount of ingredient required and reduce overall development time by simplifying the process.

The entire process is controlled via a computer terminal with a graphical user interface written in Visual Basic. While not designed for individual pharmacy use, it’s still one heck of a machine.

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  1. Whilst the Xcelodose 600S is not designed for individual pharmacy use the new Xcelolab powder dispenser is. Xcelolab:

    – Works with a variety of micro or laboratory balances which are easily interchangeable.
    – Accepts any receptacle, subject to limitations of the chosen balance, including: capsule, cartridge, cassette, vial, tube, beaker, flask, syringe.
    – Easy to set-up by laboratory staff.
    – Produces accurate and repeatable output in a matter of seconds.
    – Simple touch screen operation.

    Further details can be obtained from

  2. Xcelodose is a great piece of technology in the pharmaceutical field. I am glad more companies will have access to this now and allow them to further their research and development. Xcelodose will help with precise measurements and ensure accuracy.

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