Lexi-comp making headway on drug information software for the Palm Pre

lexipretweetEarlier today Lexi-comp offered a sneak peak of their new drug information software for the Palm Pre. That’s exciting news for all you Palm Pre owners out there. Lexi-comp offers one of the most comprehensive drug information packages available and is certainly a favorite among pharmacists.

The Palm Pre is a great device to use as a peripheral brain for pharmacists because it allows you to keep several applications open at once. That’s a nice feature to have when you need to access something quickly.

The one thing I would ask Palm to do to improve the Pre is offer a form of the device in the image of the HTC HD2 with its massive screen. The screen on the current Pre is just a tad bit small for my taste. Even better would be if Palm would offer the device without 3G service like the iPod Touch. It’s just a thought.

4 thoughts on “Lexi-comp making headway on drug information software for the Palm Pre”

  1. I was unaware of issues with the Pre being slow. I played with one for a good hour, surfing the web, sending text messages, creating memos, etc, and didn’t see much difference between it and several iPhone’s I’ve used. Then again, I wasn’t using it in a real world situation either. What I really liked was the card view and multi-tasking, which made using several apps at once easy.

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