Talyst goes live with new customer portal

Talyst has been beta-testing a new customer portal for several months now. The idea was introduced to Talyst customers at their user group meeting during the ASHP Summer Meeting in Chicago last June. Beta-testing took place between the summer meeting and December 2009 when Talyst unveiled the portal to a larger user group meeting in Las Vegas at the ASHP Midyear. Attendees were given a demonstration of the portal and offered an opportunity to provide feedback on possible issues or features they’d like to see. Well, it appears that the portal is out of the beta phase and ready for use.

The portal is well designed, relatively easy to navigate and was well received by the user group meeting at ASHP Midyear. Areas of the portal include access to technical support, general product information, ordering consumable products, a blog from the company’s CEO, and probable one of the more useful things, a customer community where users can get together and bounce ideas off each other and talk about how to best use Talyst automation.

Communities of similar minded people are always helpful; look no further than the explosion of social media use among healthcare professionals as testimony to the fact. I’ve found the Siemens Listserv to be much more beneficial than the actual documentation for our Siemens Pharmacy System so I’m looking forward to diving into the Talyst Customer Portal as a way to get ideas on how to improve the use of our systems. Remember, there’s always someone smarter, more experienced and better prepared than you, and those are the people you want to hang around with.

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  1. Thanks Jerry! You beat out the press release. We are looking forward to your comments and questions in the customer portal. Thanks for getting the word out!

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