New peripherals for Motion C5 and F5 tablets “Motion Computing is introducing a two peripherals and some software that should help tablet users that work in the healthcare industry. The motion folks are exhibiting their wares at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference in Atlanta.” – The peripherals being referred to are ReadyDock (PDF) for the C5 and F5 Tablet PCs and a new RAM Mount with integrated lock.

The ReadyDock is a cabinet designed to charge up to 20 C5 or F5 tablets at once. In addition the ReadyDock offers standard network connection to the tablets while docked granting remote IT support like data backup. The ReadyDock is nice if you have the need to charge several devices at once, but each cabinet will set you back about $2300. I think I like the standard C5/F5 docking station better because you can attach an external keyboard and mouse to it which allows you to continue working while the tablet charges.
The second peripheral, the RAM Mount with integrated combination lock, is actually supplied by a third party vendor. RAM Mounts makes mounting hardware for mobile devices like laptops and GPS units. The RAM Mount is simply a lockable port replicator that can be mounted on a wall or poll.
I still prefer the J3400 tablet from Motion over the C5/F5.

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