Time to nominate someone for the ASHP PPMI Summit

I briefly touched on the Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative (PPMI) last week. As part of the initiative ASHP will be holding a PPMI Summit in Dallas, Texas, November 7-9, 2010 where a lot of brilliant minds will come together to work towards advancing pharmacy practice.

According to information I received, the PPMI Summit will:

  1. Describe optimal pharmacy practice models that ensure the provision of safe, effective, efficient, and accountable medication-related care for hospital and health-system patients, taking into account the education and training of pharmacists, the prospect of enhancing the capacity of pharmacy technicians, and the current and future state of technology
  2. Identify core patient-care-related services that should be consistently provided by departments of pharmacy in hospitals and health systems
  3. Foster understanding of and support for optimal pharmacy practice models in hospitals and health systems by patients and caregivers, health care professionals, health care executives, and payers;
    Identify existing and future technologies required to support optimal pharmacy practice models in hospitals and health systems
  4. Identify specific actions that hospital and health-system pharmacists should take to implement optimal practice models; and
  5. Determine the tools and resources needed to implement optimal pharmacy practice models in hospitals and health systems

This is a great opportunity for pharmacists to get involved with something that will affect the way we practice pharmacy for the foreseeable future. Approximately 100 hospital/health-system pharmacists will be invited to the Summit. To nominate a pharmacist to participate in the Summit go to the online nomination form and fill it out. Note that self-nomination is allowed.

For more information visit the ASHP Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative website.

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