Cool Technology for Pharmacy – eDoc Telemedicine System

Telemedicine is one of those technologies that is either going to be unbelievably useful or a complete waste of time. Only time will tell. Recent articles like the one in Archives of Internal Medicine suggest that it may have a place in healthcare. Pharmacists may find telemedicine a useful tool for communicating with patients or physicians over great distances. I can see value in that.

While not specifically designed for pharmacy, the eDoc Telemedicine/EHR System is a cool piece of technology. For information to be useful it needs to be collected and made available at the point of care, which is exactly what this system does.

In addition to the eDoc Telemed/EHR Desktop software, the rolling workstation includes a PC running Windows XP with a wide screen monitor, stereo sound, blue tooth and video technologies.

According to information collected at the ICUcare, LLC website:

The eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR System represents the most technologically advanced Telemedicine or TeleHealth Solution on wheels. If you remove the wheels, it’s really a mobile Health Clinic. ICUcare’s development team left no stone unturned, no “i” undotted, and no “t” uncrossed in their diligent efforts to bring to you the most ergonomically friendly, technologically advanced, versatile telemedicine system ever developed.

At the heart of every eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR System is the newly developed eDoc® Telemed/EHR Desktop Telemedicine Software. ICUcare’s eDoc® Telemed/EHR was the fi rst comprehensive telemedicine/EHR software solution developed and marketed by any US owned corporation in the western hemisphere.

The eDoc® Telemed/EHR Suite of Products features include a full compliment of standard medical device interfaces and supports multiple party live streaming video conferencing as well as store and forward abilities. Additionally, the solution provides multiple features like security, scheduling, forms and fi les data entry, image view /manipulation support, offl ine data transfer within the deployment or such other deployments outside, and much more.

Standard Medical Devices/Technology Included with Standard eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR System
• Welch Allyn Spot Vitals Monitor featuring NIBP, HR, SPo2 and Nellcor Temperature
• 3M Littman Digital Electronic Stethoscope featuring Blue Tooth and (ANR) technology
• Dino-Lite Digital Video Iris Examination Scope featuring still image capturing with annotation
• Dino-Lite Digital Video Ear Examination Scope featuring still image capture with annotation
• Cosmed Digital Spirometer featuring FVC, SVC and MVV lung function screening

• Consolidated and comprehensive integrated Electronic Medical/Health Record (EMR/EHR)
• Authenticated secure access to patient EMR/EHR via biometrics
• Robust security management using 128 Bit encryption
• Interfaces with a large range of off-the-shelf medical devices
• Secure Login & Content Encryption
• Ability to remotely control eDoc® Desktop (patient end) from remote location. (Permissible)
• Anywhere and anytime (24/7) access via LAN / Internet
• Referral(s) of patient through multilevel structure
• User-friendly Graphical Interface with intuitive usability options
• Supports wide range of standards for data and device interface
• Integrated Live Audio, Video Conferencing
• In-place image viewing capability
• Text and e-mail messaging and alarm notifi cation
• Immediate and scheduled Offl ine Data Transfer capability
• Recording of Consult (multiple parties) capability with local and offsite storage/recall
• Comprehensive set of Imaging operations to include enhancements and annotations
• HIPPA Compliant

More information (PDF) or ICUcare, LLC website.

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