Thinix Touch UI for tablet PCs

I’ve seen Thinix Touch before, but have renewed interest in the product as I continue to explore new uses for various tablets in my possession. The application has been available on touchscreen computers like the HP TouchSmart series for a while. There’s even a Thinix products page on the company website that lists several devices that are available with the Touch UI.

The Thinix Touch application is also available for individual license for a measly $50. I can see a use for something like this in our facility. Thinix Touch v6 really is quite impressive. Take a look at the video below and see for yourself.

From the Thinix website:

“Thinix Touch™ v6 enables a user to leverage the power of a Windows based computer, with the power of a highly touch-optimized user interface. Thinix Touch provides a really efficient and FUN solution for using a touchscreen computer based on Microsoft Windows.

o Microsoft Windows is also very flexible, but with flexibility comes complexity.
o Computers are increasingly used as appliances, where simpler = better.
o Thinix Touch v6 changes Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 based computers into Touch Friendly devices.

Thinix Touch can be used on a normal computer to provide a simplified user interface. In other words, Thinix Touch does not require a Touchscreen monitor. It works fine with a keyboard and mouse in a variety of situations.”

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