Dell Streak to be integrated into healthcare solutions, Yippee!

Dell announced today that it is going to integrate its Android-based mobile device, the Streak, into its healthcare solutions. The idea of a company the size of Dell working on something like this is truly exciting as it brings credibility to the Android platform in healthcare. In addition, you know the project is going to receive serious consideration and resources as Dell wouldn’t be willing to dump millions of dollars into something like this if they didn’t believe it would succeed. They clearly believe in the future of the Android OS. I would love to be involved in a project like this as it brings together so many fascinating technologies. In fact, I think I’ll dust off my resume and send a copy over to Dell. They’re bound to need a pharmacist on staff for something like this. Right?

According to the Dell website:

Healthcare providers also can be efficient and productive using mobile technologies like the Streak. The Streak is expected to further promote efficiencies with access and updating patient information. Hospitals and physicians will be able to order the Streak this autumn as an integrated component of Dell’s EMR and MCCsolutions. Here are a few of the benefits: For the Physician

  • Light Enough to Use and Carry All Day: At 220 grams, the Streak is an extremely light mobile device.
  • Convenient: The Streak Tablet’s compact size easily fits in a medical lab coat.
  • Onboard Cameras: Onboard cameras in the front and back of the Streak let clinicians photograph and record images that can be uploaded to the patient’s EMR to chart progress over time.
  • Data & Voice: Unlike many of the existing tablets available today, the Streak supports data and voice so that medical professionals can use just one mobile device on the job.

For Hospitals

  • Open and Standards-based: The Streak is based on the open Android platform which can integrate with existing hospital systems and applications.
  • Enterprise Enabled: The Streak can be integrated into Dell’s healthcare enterprise systems and solutions. As a result, the device can become an extension of the hospital’s information sharing platform, not another siloed technology that adds cost and complexity for hospitals that already struggle with inter and intra-operability.
  • Privacy and Security: When integrated with Dell’s EMR and MCC solutions and future healthcare offerings, applications and patient data can be protected and secured in the datacenter, not on the device.

4 thoughts on “Dell Streak to be integrated into healthcare solutions, Yippee!”

  1. Go for it mate! They will definately be able to benefit form your expertise. We are still a few years behind here in the UK.

  2. Jerry , Dell announced/released a 7″ inch tablet version to day and samsung is coming out with a 7 ” inch tablet the galaxy. These puppies look ideal to fit in your lab coat pocket. And they appear to offer intersting functionality.I assume these can use MS onenote? thoughts

  3. Hey Keith – I’ve been following the Samsung tablets and have to say I’m pretty excited about what I’ve seen. The tablet market just keeps getting better and better which keeps me happy.

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