MedKeeper acquires DoseResponse

It looks like MedKeeper is making a play in the therapeutic monitoring market by acquiring DoseResponse, a web-based outpatient anticoagulation management system from Keystone Therapeutics. The press release can be found here.

Outpatient anticoagulation therapy, i.e. warfarin management, became a big deal when JCAHO made it one of their national patient safety goals a few years back. I’m specifically referring to National Patient Safety Goal 3E: Reducing Harm from Anticoagulation Therapy. If you feel like giving yourself a headache you can read through the entire Abulatory Health Care National Patient Safety Goals (PDF). I wouldn’t recommend it.

Being that it’s web-based software I wonder if it runs on any mobile devices. I couldn’t find any information one way or the other on MedKeeper’s website. Sure would be nice though.

DoseResponse® is a sophisticated yet intuitive, web-based application designed to help you deliver superior care for patients on anticoagulation therapy by reducing the potential for human error. DoseResponse® software is proprietary (patent-pending), and is designed to ease your burden of documentation, management and reporting.

DoseResponse® is a flexible, secure, and user-friendly software solution for outpatient anticoagulation clinics:

  • Automates the capture of patient management information, reducing time in manual tracking and creating reports
  • Efficiently documents patient encounters to support reimbursement, and verifyadherence to accepted standards of care
  • Incorporates national guidelines for dosing and monitoring to provide a standardized, consistent approach to therapy
  • Improves patient communication and compliance by printing easy-to-read, graphical dosage instructions for patients
  • Provides ongoing quality assurance (including TTR) and reports to facilitate efforts to document, track and improve patient care

DoseResponse® allows you to support a single clinic/office setting in one location; or support multiple patient care sites with clinician management from a centralized, remote site. The centralized function allows you to:

  • Manage medical personnel at multiple clinic or office locations from one or more remote locations
  • Provide a highly efficient, cost-effective anticoagulation service while minimizing the professional time of the clinicians
  • Easily expand services to outlying locations to improve patient access
  • Ensure a consistent approach to warfarin management across multiple sites and clinicians

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