MedKeeper acquires DoseResponse

It looks like MedKeeper is making a play in the therapeutic monitoring market by acquiring DoseResponse, a web-based outpatient anticoagulation management system from Keystone Therapeutics. The press release can be found here.

Outpatient anticoagulation therapy, i.e. warfarin management, became a big deal when JCAHO made it one of their national patient safety goals a few years back. I’m specifically referring to National Patient Safety Goal 3E: Reducing Harm from Anticoagulation Therapy. If you feel like giving yourself a headache you can read through the entire Abulatory Health Care National Patient Safety Goals (PDF). I wouldn’t recommend it.

Being that it’s web-based software I wonder if it runs on any mobile devices. I couldn’t find any information one way or the other on MedKeeper’s website. Sure would be nice though.

DoseResponse® is a sophisticated yet intuitive, web-based application designed to help you deliver superior care for patients on anticoagulation therapy by reducing the potential for human error. DoseResponse® software is proprietary (patent-pending), and is designed to ease your burden of documentation, management and reporting.

DoseResponse® is a flexible, secure, and user-friendly software solution for outpatient anticoagulation clinics:

  • Automates the capture of patient management information, reducing time in manual tracking and creating reports
  • Efficiently documents patient encounters to support reimbursement, and verifyadherence to accepted standards of care
  • Incorporates national guidelines for dosing and monitoring to provide a standardized, consistent approach to therapy
  • Improves patient communication and compliance by printing easy-to-read, graphical dosage instructions for patients
  • Provides ongoing quality assurance (including TTR) and reports to facilitate efforts to document, track and improve patient care

DoseResponse® allows you to support a single clinic/office setting in one location; or support multiple patient care sites with clinician management from a centralized, remote site. The centralized function allows you to:

  • Manage medical personnel at multiple clinic or office locations from one or more remote locations
  • Provide a highly efficient, cost-effective anticoagulation service while minimizing the professional time of the clinicians
  • Easily expand services to outlying locations to improve patient access
  • Ensure a consistent approach to warfarin management across multiple sites and clinicians

2 thoughts on “MedKeeper acquires DoseResponse”

  1. Jerry – great articles in your blog! To answer your question, DoseResponse is web-based and can definitely be accessed using a mobile browser on a cell phone. I have personally managed patients from my mobile phone (Droid), and I know of other clinicians who have used an iPhone to access their DoseResponse practice site. The great news is that with MedKeeper’s acquisition of DoseResponse, our plans include investing heavily into product development to make the product even better. Again, thank you for posting articles of interest for our profession!
    Ray Stierer,VP of Clinical Services, MedKeeper

  2. Ray,
    Thanks for stopping by and updating everyone on the functionality of DoseResponse. I’m excited to hear that it can be used on mobile devices.

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