Most read blog posts from last week (47)

Here’s a list of the top ten most read blog posts on this site from last week:

  1. Best iPhone / iPod Touch Applications for Pharmacists – The information in this post is dated, but still a good place to start looking. I really should update the information one of these days.
  2. The National Drug Code (NDC) is a gremlin in the works of pharmacy – Got a couple of helpful comments on this post.
  3. Moving storage around in the “cloud”
  4. Cool Technology for Pharmacy (June 18,2009 – Alaris Smartpumps) – Smartpumps continue to be a popular topic, and Alaris Smartpumps appear to be some of the most commonly discussed.
  5. The outlook for mobile apps in healthcare looks bright – This article was cross-posted at RxInformatics, where a friend and colleague of mine left a comment disagreeing with my opinion. Should be worth discussing the next time I see him.
  6. Automated unit-dose packagers for acute care pharmacy – A summary of available automated unit-dose packagers. At least the ones I could find.
  7. Cool Technology for Pharmacy – Practice Fusion EMR – Practice Fusion is a great free, web-based EMR. I continue to be impressed with the functionality and features of the software.
  8. “What’d I miss?” – Week of November 14, 2010
  9. Cool Technology for Pharmacy – Sproxil – An interesting, but simple concept using text messaging to fight conterfeit medications.
  10. Using technology to advance pharmacy practice through education – Thoughts on the need for expanded automation, technology and informatics curriculum in schools of pharmacy.

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