Cool Technology for Pharmacy – Pentapack HP500

There really aren’t too many machines out there designed to unit dose liquids on a scale small enough for the needs of an acute care pharmacy in a hospital. So when I came across the Pentapack HP500 in the ASHP Midyear exhibit hall I took notice. As demonstrated at ASHP Midyear, the machine is capable of unit dosing both oral solids and oral liquid medications. That’s rather unique functionality that deserves some attention.

Unfortunately the Pentapack website is void of useful information, which is really a shame because the HP500 is a neat little device.

Here’s some information I was able to find on their website:

HP500 unit dose blister machine for hospitals

  • The HP500 blister machine is developped for daily use in a hospital pharmacy.
  • Batch sizes from 20 to approx. 5.000 units.
  • No special training is required, very easy to use and very low maintenance.
  • Manual filling.
  • Speed : 100 products / minute.

Standard size blister

  • The standard size unit dose blister (in Holland called “EAV verpakking”) is a blister with 1 product in it and and coded with either a label on the back-side or direct printing on the ALU lidding material.
  • size : 25 x 50mm or 25 x 100mm

Flexible printing system

  • The HP500 is standard equipped with a label printer that prints inline with the machine a label. This label is attached to the back-side of the blister.

I told you there wasn’t much to be found at the company’s website. It doesn’t even mention the HP500’s ability to unit dose liquids. Here’s a little video I found on YouTube that demonstrates the liquid functionality, which starts at about 2:30 in the video.

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