The state of mHealth – a survey from research2guidance

Over the summer I participated in research2guidance‘s online mobile health developers‘ survey.

In total there were 231 participating companies ranging from start-up mHealth specialists to traditional healthcare market players.

Basically the survey reveals that smartphothes, i.e. mobile devices, will have a significant impact on healthcare over the next few years. I don’t think anyone is surprised by this information, but it’s certainly nice to see validation in the form of a survey. Granted, surveys aren’t the best way to gauge whats happening in the market, but it’s better than nothing.

Some of the results of the survey are:

  • Nearly 80% of respondents see diabetes as the therapeutic area with the highest business potential
  • Almost 70% of survey participants agree that app developers and agencies will be the main players in the market
  • Smartphone penetration is seen as the main driver for mHealth by 63% of respondents
  • Lack of standardization (50%), regulation (49%) and market transparency (49%) are the main barriers facing mHealth
  • Doctors and hospitals are seen as the best distribution channel for mHealth apps by 2015
  • Android and iOS will be preferred mobile platforms for mHealth solutions

You can get a free copy of the basic results in the form of a whitepaper at the research2guidance website.

A more detailed report called “Global mHealth Market Report 2010-2015” can also be found at the research2guidance website, but you’ll have to open up your checkbook. As a participant I received a dicount code for the full report (10% discount code: 3EEX8QH). Enjoy.

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