Year end thoughts for 2010

2010 brought many new and exciting changes not only in my personal life, but in the world of pharmacy and technology as well. I’ve learned many new things, gained some new skills, made some new friends, explored the world of social media more deeply, traveled more than ever before and discovered that I once again know nothing. I am more excited about next year than I ever thought possible.

Below is a list of opinions I’ve gathered over the past 12 months. Some are pharmacy related, some are technology related, some are personal, and some are just random thoughts.

And here we go…

Best idea for healthcare – An integrated healthcare solution; easier said than done

Worst idea for healthcare – An integrated healthcare solution. The current infrastructure won’t support it.

Biggest healthcare story of the year – Meaningful use and electronic health records (EHR)m

Biggest pharma story of the year - Withdrawal of propoxyphene from US market. Good riddance.

Biggest story in acute care pharmacy operations – Recalls and drug shortages; 2010 was the worst year in recent memory.

Best idea for new pharmacy practice model – PPMI from ASHP

Biggest disappointment in pharmacy practice – PPMI from ASHP

Biggest disappointment from a pharmacy organization – California Society of Health-System Pharmacists (CSHP). I reached out to CSHP regarding tech-check-tech in California and they blew me off. I received a generic response to my first email, then nothing from my follow up email back to them. It’s ok if your opinion is different than mine, but at least have an opinion. #Fail

Best idea in pharmacy that has yet to mature – Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and RFID

Best drug information resource, hardcopy – Lexi-Comp Drug Information Handbook

Best drug information resource, handheld/electronic – Lexi-Comp Lexi-Drugs

Best pharmacokinetics calculator, handheld/electronic – RxCalc for the iPhone, of course

Best medical reference, electronic/web based – UpToDate (includes access to Lexi-Drugs, online version)

Best customer support – Talyst – Disclaimer: I’ve been working for Talyst since the beginning of December 2010, but had this opinion log before then. That’s part of the reason I decided to go to work for them. I’m just sayin’.

Worst customer support – Integrated Informatics, makers of POMS

Best bar code scanner used this year – Code Reader 3500. Still my favorite.

Best article on bar-code technology – “Effect of Bar-Code Technology on the Safety of Medication Administration” NEJM 2010; 362: 1698-1707

Biggest bar coding challenge for me this year – Actually I had two challenges this year: 1) keeping up with bar-code changes from the manufacturers and 2) acting on analytics collected from out BCMA system.

Most valuable data collected – Data from our MAK (BCMA) system

Least useful data collected – Pharmacist intervention data. I just don’t see the value in continuing to collect data to justify our existence when no one does anything with it.

Best automated dispensing cabinet technology – Omnicell. While Pyxis is still king of the hill, Omnicell is chipping away with better R&D.

Best tablet that never was – Notion Adam Ink. The tablet looks great on video, and you can pre-order it, but I’ll believe it when I see it. You wonder why Apple is winning the tablet market; look no further than companies like Notion Ink and their year long tease.

Best eReader – Barnes & Noble Nook. Say what you will about the Kindle, but my daughter has a Nook and it’s a very nice, easy to use device.

Best eReader that no one is talking about – Barnes & Noble Nook Color. The Nook Color is an Android driven eReader with 7-inch LCD screen with touch interface, and it’s a great device.

Best information collection tool I used this year – Evernote. I couldn’t live without it. SpringPad is nice, but Evernote is still the big dog in this category.

Best file sync tool I used this year – Dropbox is simply awesome. SugarSync deserves mention. Microsoft has all the pieces in place, but has yet to deliver a coherent solution. Maybe next year boys.

Best screen capture utility – FastStone Capture. It’s light weight, easy to use and performs admirably. I use it all the time.

Best new desktop application I used this year – Skype

Best new smartphone application I used this year – Google Voice

Best convertible tablet PC I used this year –Lenovo X201 tablet PC, hands down.

Worst convertible tablet PC I used this year – Dell Latitude XT2 tablet PC. I used this tablet PC for about a year and always thought it was ok. That was until I purchased a Lenovo X201 tablet PC. Now I consider the Dell as an overpriced piece of junk.

Best slate tablet PC I used this year – Motion Computing J3400. The J3500 is the updated version of the J3400 rugged slate tablet. As far as Windows based slates go, I don’t think you’ll find a better device in the current crop of tablets.

Coolest new concept for a tablet PC – The Dell Inspiron Duo. I would love to see more tablet PC manufacturers use this design concept.

Worst marketing campaign for a tablet PC – The HP Slate 500. No wonder tablet PCs have such a hard time catching on.

Best not-a-tablet-not-an-ereader device – The Kno. Great concept, I hope it makes it.

Most popular “tablet” – Apple iPad

Most overhyped device – Apple iPad

Mobile device with the biggest impact on healthcare – Apple iPad

Biggest status symbol for physicians and executives in healthcare – Apple iPad

Most underrated “tablet” of 2010 – Samsung Galaxy Tab

Best tablet PC software – Microsoft OneNote. I use it all the time and love it.

Best PDF annotation software – PDF Annotator

Best tablet pc blogger on the ‘net – Warner Crocker (@WarnerCrocker) of

Best UMPC blogger on the ‘net – Steve ‘Chippy’ Paine (@chippy) of

Most interesting blogger on the ‘net – Louis Gray. He blogs about things that interest me, and he appears to be less biased than most. I can appreciate that.

Best everything mobile site on the ‘net – GottaBeMobile

Best gadget site on the ‘net – Engadget

Coolest gaming gadget of the year – Kinect for Xbox. Bought one for my nephew for Christmas. Man, what a blast. And that doesn’t even include what you can do with it once it’s been hacked.

Best new smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S and the iPhone 4. Bought my daughter a Samsung Fascinate for Christmas and let me just say that it is one phenomenal smartphone.

Biggest surprise in the smartphone market – Windows Phone 7. I spent some time playing with one at the Microsoft Retail Store and it was really nice.

Biggest tragedy in smartphones – Basically the webOS died in 2010. I hope I’m wrong because the user interface is really something.

Most functional smartphone – Android smartphones. Take your pick.

Most exciting developments in an operating system – Android. It’s only just begun.

Best smartphone user interface – iPhone 4. HTC gets honorable mention here.

Most exciting non-hardware smartphone development – The website is a series of connected services for security, backup and remote control of your HTC device. I’m surprised Google hasn’t done something like this already. The potential is off the charts.

Best meeting/conference attended – ASHP Midyear 2010

Best advice I received in 2010 – Change jobs

Best presentation attended – There were two presentations I attended at this year that really caught my attention: 1) Alternatives to Barcoding: RFID and RTLS at the unSUMMIT and 2) Better Patient Care and Safer Staff with IV Compounding Automation at ASHP Midyear

Best presentation I gave this year – Hard to say really, but the presentation I did for Nova Southeastern University titled “Pharmacy informatics – One pharmacist’s perspective” had some pretty good informational content.

Best webinar attended – Barcoding End-to-End Solutions: From Pharmacy to Bedside. This webinar featured Dr. David W. Bates and Dr. Eric Poon from the NEJM article mentioned above.

Best vendor I worked with this year – Talyst

Worst vendor I worked with this year – Siemens

Best RSS Reader – Google Reader

Best email client – GMail

Best online collaboration tool – Google Docs

Best new thing that people won’t use – Google Buzz

Best search engine – Bing is gaining, but Google still rules.

Best browser for Windows machine – Google Chrome has now overtaken Firefox as my browser of choice.

Best extensions for Google Chrome
1. Chromed Bird
2. Clip to Evernote
3. Session Buddy
4. iReader
5. Docs PDF/PoserPoint Viewer (by Google)
6. Awesome Screenshot

Best consumer cloud provider – No brainer, Google

Most impressive push into the cloud – Microsoft with Window Azure

Best Twitter client for Android – Seesmic

Best Twitter client for the iPhone – TweetDeck

Best Twitter client for the desktop – Don’t know. I no longer use a desktop client for Twitter. I now use a combination of the Twitter website and the Chromed Bird extension for Google Chrome.

Best desktop operating system – Windows 7. I don’t care what anyone says, I like it.

Most exciting new development in a desktop operating system – Google Chrome OS. I’ve only seen glimpses of it, but I’m excited about its potential.

Most frustrating computer upgrade – Mac OS X Snow Leopard. I was forced to upgrade my 21-inch iMac  secondary to the purchase of an iPad. Following the upgrade it became slow and unresponsive, basically turning it into a very expensive paperweight.

Number of movies my wife, Lori and I saw at the theater this year – 47

Best movie that I saw in the theater- This is tough for me. I think I’m going to go with:
1. Iron Man 2
2. Red
3. How to Train Your Dragon

Most overhyped movies that I saw in the theater
1. The Other Guys
2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part I)

Worst movie that I saw in the theater- The American with George Clooney. The Wolfman was a close second.

Worst trend in movies – 3D. Someone please knock some sense into these people. I don’t know anyone that actually likes 3D.

Biggest grossing movie of 2010 – Toy Story 3. It did over $400 Million at the box office. Avatar actually grossed more domestically in 2010, but it was released on December 18, 2009.

Most overused word of 2010 – Meaningful use. I still don’t fully understand what it means.

Most valuable lesson learned in 2010 – Don’t wait so long to make a move and let people know what you want.

Best thing I did for myself – Changed jobs

Biggest surprise about my new job – The laptop assigned to me is older and in worse shape than the one I used to complain about when I worked in the hospital. Doh!

Best thing about the new job – The people and the projects.

Worst thing about the new job – Having to wear a “jacket and tie” when visiting “customers”.

Coolest commercials on TV – Geico (Therapist Sarge and Woodchucks) and E-trade (Solitary)

Worst advertising campaign – Visa and their Never Miss a Super Bowl commercials. Meet LarryI’ve missed weddings. I have missed babies being born. But I have no intention of ever missing a Super Bowl, ever.” Makes me want to turn off the TV and spend a little time with the family. I assume that wasn’t Visa’s intent.

Best YouTube video of 2010 – iPhone4 vs HTC Evo. If you’ve ever met an Apple cultist, errr, I mean fanboy then you know they can’t be reasoned with because their minds are sealed off from rational thought. Baa-baa!

Biggest surprise in professional football – The Kansas City Chiefs. Well done.

Biggest disappointment in professional football – The Arizona Cardinals. What a difference a year and the loss of Kurt Warner makes.

Gutsiest coaching decision in professional football – The New Orleans Saints decision to open the second half of Super Bowl XLIV with an onside kick. Wow.

Best catch in the NFL 2010 – Randy Moss one-handed TD catch against the Jets. Crazy.

Biggest what-the-heck moment in pro sports – Jets assistant coach Sal Alosi tripping a Miami Dolphins player during kick coverage

Biggest disappointment in college football – Boise state losing a game and not going undefeated

Worst system in the universe to determine a sports champion – The BCS. Unfortunately it seems to work out year after year as teams like Boise shoot themselves in the foot.

Worst professional sport to watch on TV or in person – Major League Baseball

Best professional sport to watch on TV or in person – The NFL of course.

Most visited post on this website in 2010 – Best iPhne/iPod Touch Applications for Pharmacists originally posted September 14, 2009

Biggest blogging disappointment this year – My former employer censoring my blogging by whipping out a “social media” policy. Nice!

Here’s to a New Year full of new and wondrous things.

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  1. glad you learned something useful this year. two things you can probably fix – the laptop and tech-check-tech in California just sayin’

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