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I have a soft spot for robotics, especially for IV preparation. I’m not quite sure that pharmacy is ready to fully embrace the idea, but we’re well on our way.

APOTECAchemo is an IV preparation robot modeled in the image of i.v.STATION. Prior to yesterday I had not heard of APOTECA. Fortunately someone visiting my site left me a link to the U.S. website. The site contains limited information with the exception of the video below. However, a quick internet search led me to the Loccioni Humancare website where I was able to find additional information.

According to the website:

APOTECAchemo automates the complex and critical task of intravenous chemotherapeutic compounds for patient-specific admixtures. 

APOTECAchemo performs these important functions with minimal operator exposure to hazardous materials:
– accepts HL7 electronic orders from your hospital or pharmacy information system to eliminate transcription errors and repetitive data entry
validates medications and consumables with redundant optical and mechanical safety systems,
weighs active ingredients and solutions for optimal safety and accuracy
reconstitutes powdered drugs for broad utilization and flexibility
manufactures consistent, accurate doses with the robotic arm and specialized mechanical actuators
prepares final containers including syringes, bags, infusion devices in multiple sizes and brands
discards the waste materials and consummables. 

Patient safety is strengthened by APOTECAchemo’s proprietary technological processes. Our comprehensive solution includes automated visual and barcode recognition of products, weight checks, and a barcode safety labelling system. The automated data capture, process recording and audit trail provides valuable peace of mind for pharmacists and patient who desire a detailed chronicle of each preparation.

Technicians and operators work in complete safety thanks to an ISO 5 self-contained environoment (in accordance with ISO 14644) that also protects the health, manages risks of contamination, limits the human interaction with hazardous drugs, needles, and hazardous waste materials.


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  1. Hi! Also I heard that robot.Ä°t’s so amazing for compounding hazardous drugs.
    Also one more- additional information; in Italia; ANCONA HOSPITAL.. now it’s working perfect and everybody is so full-satisfied with the system.

  2. The advent of these machines have revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry. They help to eliminate human error and they expedite the process with which patients may receive their medication. Overall, they produce a better relationship between the patient and the physician, as well as ensuring a safer environment for people to receive their medication.

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