Pharmacy Director needed…programming experience required?

As I alluded to in a recent post, I still get a fair number of emails and phone calls from pharmacy recruiters; actually got one of each today.

The following recruiter email arrived in my inbox a few days ago. I found a few things very interesting. Feel free to read the entire job description, but pay particular attention to the highlighter sections.

PHARMACY DIRECTOR – CA NORTHERN COAST- Excellent opportunity for Manager, Supervisor or Coordinator to move on to the next step.
Description Position:
The Pharmacy Director assesses and directs the activities and resources of the Pharmacy Department at a small 50 beds community hospital.  As such, the Pharmacy Director serves as the primary manager regarding planning, organizing, staff, directing, controlling and coordinating the work efforts with Pharmacy operations.  The Pharmacy Director maintains the pharmacy Information System.  He or she reports to the CNO.

• Education: Doctor of Pharmacy Degree or Baccalaureate degree with equivalent clinical experience is required. Must be licensed as a Pharmacist in the State of California or in the process of getting CA Rph license.

• Experience: Demonstrates management experience in a hospital pharmacy. Demonstrates experience in leadership and managerial capabilities and effectiveness in communicating, dealing with personnel, and stressful emergency situations. Demonstrates experience in personnel and fiscal management and program development.

• Knowledge: Demonstrates knowledge in cost accounting principles/cost benefit analysis. Basic knowledge in clinical practice with respect to utilization review. Current knowledge of Pharmacy law, Title 22, JCAHO and DEA regulation and requirements.

• Special Skills/Equipment: Applications with spreadsheets and forecasting techniques. Ability to develop and carry out protocol studies. Personal computer programming, pharmacokinetics, interpersonal and communication skills.



2 thoughts on “Pharmacy Director needed…programming experience required?”

  1. Jerry, have you ever seen any positions like this before, with pharmacists involved in programming? I could imagine a pharmacist potentially doing a little bit of programming for a healthcare software vendor, but it does seem surprising at a community hospital.

  2. Hi Anthony – No, I’ve never seen anything like that. I’ve seen pharmacists that can hack up a little bit of code, but I’ve never seen a job that listed it as a qualification…for a pharmacist anyway.

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