Cool Pharmacy Technology–DAP Personal Med Manager

I came across the HealthOneMed Dispense-A-Pill (DAP) Personal Medication Manager while surfing the ‘net one afternoon earlier this week. It’s basically a miniature ADU with pie-shaped wedge slots for personal medications. I thought it was pretty slick.

From HealthOneMed’s website (the interactive display of the DAP’s capabilities is cool):

HealthOneMed’s Dispense-A-Pill (DAP) Personal Medication Manager addresses the issue of medication non-compliance by integrating the disparate approaches of pill boxes, reminders, pill dispensers and medication alert devices into a single comprehensive device enabled by new technology developed and patented by HealthOneMed.

Click here to download the DAP brochure.

Safety & Security
DAP is unparalleled in its safety capabilities, including its “No-touch” pill organizing, loading and dispensing, advanced medication on demand capability (e.g. for “take as needed” medications), password protection (e.g. caregiver medication instructions not overridden by individual), childproof setting and battery back-up in case of power loss.

Personalization & Connectivity
HealthOneMed is unique in its approach to integrating personalization into the DAP.  Enabling the DAP to record personalized medication reminders (e.g. a granddaughter recording a reminder message, “Grandpa, time to take your medicine”) helps an individual adhere to his medication protocol. FunMinderstm are personalized reminders that can be set for life’s other important activities, errands or appointments. In addition, caregivers can view medication compliance history and be alerted if an individual misses his medication.

The DAP is unique as it can manage up to 16 pill and non-pill medications.  The DAP can store and dispense 90+ days of up to 8 different pill medications as well as manage up to 8 additional pill and non-pill medications, including topical creams, liquids, eye drops, inhalers or insulin injections.

Click here to view an interactive display of the DAP’s capabilities.

Click here to view the DAP’s FAQs.

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