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imageI’m at the MEDICA World Forum for Medicine in Düsseldorf Germany this week. While I haven’t seen much in the way of pharmacy related products, I did come across something that I thought was pretty cool. The brochure I grabbed said it was the “Sharps Waste Eliminator” by GMP (Global Medi Products). However when I went to the GMP website for more information I couldn’t find mention of it anywhere. A little creative Googling led me to the BMTS Corp site where I found the device I was looking for. Someone should have a talk with the marketing folks at GMP. Just sayin’.

Anyway the Sharps Waste Eliminator (Demolizer II) is promoted as “the only technology that allows you to safely dispose of both sharps and red bag waste right at your facility while saving you money”. I don’t know what technology the product uses, but it turns sharps and other waste into an unrecognizable block resembling a brick made out of epoxy with all kinds of cool stuff on the inside. Seriously, it would make an awesome paperweight. I wish I’d thought to get a photo of it.

From the BMTS Corp website:


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  1. I would highly advise that anyone looking to purchase one of these devices RUN as FAST as you CAN! The device itself is ok…not great, just ok. The problem is this company shouldn’t operate a hot dog stand never mind a device that medical facilities count on for bio-watse control. Aside from a company “shop of financial horrors” the metal containers (D2SH 110) needed to dispose of the waste have been unavailable for MONTHS. From what I gather (unconfirmed) the manufacturer of the cans stopped production because of financial woes facilitated by BMTS Corp. This has forced all of us folks who own these expensive paperweights to turn to bio-waste pick up companies. BMTS Corps CEO Gex Richardson never responds to these complaints and his uppity secretary is clueless, or just a great liar. Anyway-thousands of dollars later we feel we have been scammed by BMTS-anyone want an expensive machine you can’t use-CHEAP? Shoot me an e-mail if anyone wants to get this story out.

  2. Hi Anthony – Thanks for the information. Word of mouth is a powerful thing in our industry. – Jerry

  3. Hi Anthony,

    Can you shoot me an email. I am a new investor in this company and would to get some of your thoughts.



  4. In response, GMP is the exclusive marketing arm for the Demolizer II (Sharps Waste Eliminator) out side of the United States, in the US as an agent of GMP, Tangoran Medical is a non exclusive distributor for the Demolizer II. We are working closely with the BMTS to resolve issues, the Demolizer II is a great product, we do thought have to have service after the sale. That is our commitment to our customers. Larry Minix

  5. We have been waiting 7 months for backordered supplies. Does this mean you now have them available for order?

  6. I should put you and Larry in a room together and let you duke it out. Two enter, only one comes out ;-)

  7. We also are awaiting the shipment of containers since January! Agree with above comments. We have biowaste pick up bills that were supposed to be paid by BMTS. What happened to old crew? why was the company “reorganized”? Looking forward to shipment and improved customer service. Go GMP! Please help your customers ASAP!

  8. It’s 11-1-2012 and still no containers. Worse yet it’s well within normal working hours and no one is answering the phone, just a message that someone will return my call. I sure hope that pennymonkey has been shown something for his investment and not just another promise or excuse. I guess I’ll order another couple cases of the disposable containers. Thanks BMTS

  9. Can’t get answers on container delivery. Have had this issue for the past 12 months. Received reimbursement against money owed to BMTS for containers (credited), but have not received a check for the balance. I agree with all complaints above. Gex doesn’t respond and leaves BMTS customer service hanging. No way to run a business.

  10. I will rephrase…I agree with most of the comments above…I believe BMTS’s customer service is trying and doing the best they can. But they are not getting the help they need from the top.

  11. Our facility has been calling BMTS every month to get status of our order that we placed over a year ago! With thousands of dollars racking up in expenses that BMTS PROMISED to reimburse. So? How can we get the containers without having to order with BMTS? (They are made out of country.) I’ve done tons of searching with no luck. Pennymonkey777, you are an investor. Did you invest to make money or get taken? Would appear you have been taken like the rest of us!

  12. I just spoke with BMTS, the collectors are at the dock in California but they need the freight bill to be paid before they can be received and shipped to all the customers. Employees at the Colorado office have not heard from Gex Richardson for 2 weeks and they have not been paid for 4. Does not sound good for all involved.

  13. Just spoke w/BMTS – was told they “hope to have the container issue resolved within 48 hrs” I’ve heard that before thoug

  14. After spending thousands of dollars to get the machine I feel I have been completely RIPPED OFF!! My machine is sitting in a corner collecting dust. I was told in September they are back ordered till Oct 6th now number is disconnected. :sad:

  15. What a shame; great product, but management second to none in the Hall of Shame. They’ve taken a viable business model and created little more than a scam from it. As they are technically public, someone should let the SEC know.

  16. BMTS telephone is re-connected. Per BMTS, containers are being labeled and expect to begin shipping to customers by Friday, 12-7-12. We’ll see???

  17. The phones are back up! Just spoke to lady there that informed me the containers are being labeled and shipped as we speak. She said phones were down because they had been hacked. Very strange situation. I am holding out very little hope of ever seeing the sharps containers.

  18. BMTS, a public company appears to be out of business. They have not filed a report with the SEC since the third quarter of 2011. I believe Henry Schein has some collector inventory left. For those who want out, I am looking to acquire a BMTS Demolizer II for back up parts. I have plenty of collectors for our needs.

  19. If the main company is alive and well outside of the US, does anyone know of a company who will distribute just the containers? We’ve had our demolizer for several years with no problems up till a year ago and would really like to continue using it. Any suggestions?

  20. Mine hasn’t. As of today we are waiting on both sharps and red bag containers. Can’t get through to anyone at BMTS. would really like to know if they are still in business, and if not then where can we get containers from?

  21. Larry from Tangoran Medical,

    As a distributor, can you supply Rhonda (and perhaps other here) with either, preferably both sharps and red bag containers for the Demolizer II?

    For those inclined, I got Larry’s Company’s info from the internet.

    Tangoran Medical Supplies Inc. (TMS) – Global Marketer of TangoSafety Solutions

    104 Arbor View CT.
    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, 32082 – USA

    Phone: +1 904 373 0424

    Cell: +1 904 314 4979

    Fax: +1 904 212 1260

  22. We received 1 case of Demolizer sharps containers from BMTS about 4 weeks ago. We are trying to order more today and the answering machine doesn’t even pick up. I see from earlier responses on this site that there was no answer Jan. 10 either. Doesn’t sound good.

  23. It appears we are all having the same issues with BMTS, so why don’t we all band together and sue them! We have been trying repeatedly to purchase containers on and off for over a year and just keep getting the run-around. The only person who responds is someone named Robin and she apologizes and says she’ll get some containers out to us, but that never happens. We have contacted Gex Richardson and John Bricken several times, to no avail. I would love to know how many offices are out there stuck with this useless piece of equipment. Class action suit, perhaps??

  24. The IRS has placed locks on the office doors at BMTS due to back taxes. Not sure what the future holds for these guys but its not good at this point.

  25. I just spoke with the owner of the company, John Bricken, who apologized profusely, told me that the company is in financial dire straits and told me to do whatever I have to do because he has no way of helping me. I point blank asked him if I purchased a very expense piece of equipment that is now useless and his respose was, “yes, I’m afraid so”. I asked if there was any possibility that we would be able to eventually get the containers and use this device again and he told me if he was a betting man, he’d say no. The long and the short of my conversation with Mr. Bricken was that we might as well throw our Demolizers away because the company is going belly up! At least someone was finally honest with me!

  26. Just called both the company’s main and 866 numbers – got a recording saying that the phones have been temporarily disconnected

  27. The sad part is the Demolizer works and can save a lot of money. Too bad these knuckle brains drove the company into the ground. If the IRS is involved then maybe they’ll consider selling the IP – probably the only asset they have left. Would love to take a run at it.

  28. “”

    To add further bizarreness to the DeMORALizer world, I stumbled onto the above linked press release which quotes President and Chairman “Gex Richardson” on the BMTS home internet site. It was apparently released on December 31, 2012 and is contradictory to what CEO “Jon Bricken” stated to Sharon.

    I am pursuing alternative sources for collectors. I spoke with a Henry Schein rep yesterday and he said BMTS products have been discontinued. I also spoke with Larry from Tangoran and he is waiting for collectors from BMTS.

    BMTS has been de facto financially bankrupt for couple of years, so I doubt a class action suit would not be economically feasible, unless their officers and directors have deep individual pockets. Besides their poor managerial decisions it appears that management also has been looting the entire concern really leaving nothing. They didn’t pay their creditors and the company is deeply in debt. It would be nice if they did file for formal bankruptcy, but I suspect they are trying to run out the clock to avoid their insider transactions being unwound by the bankruptcy Judge.

    I plan to score a USA manufacturer and have started pursuit. I have put both a redbag and sharps collector out for bid. If anyone else reading the posts here is interested in getting in on a continuous supply, it would help if you let me know how many you use/need and what prices you have paid. So far I have heard anywhere from $200 to $380 for 20. Send any requests or comments to me via email at I will keep you advised.

    BTW Thank you Jerry, outside of disgruntled shareholders posting on penny stock boards, I found your site to have the most and only recent internet action.


  29. Regarding the manufacturing of sharps collectors, just make sure you file a 510(k) submission to the FDA for approval. All sharps containers must be cleared by the FDA.

  30. Pretty simple design. If there are enough people with the need for more containers, could we not have them fabricated?
    I similarly have discovered the issue with demolizer.

  31. Dr. Ferrara and all,
    I believe that to be true and I have started shopping with metal fabricators and plastic molders to replicate a supply. BMTS previously made their collectors from thin sheet metal and molded thermal plastic parts most likely somewhere in Asia (LA dock etc.). I would prefer to have them made in USA or at least somewhere in North America. Since the big upfront costs are in the mold(s) and regulatory filings and will have to be made again anyway, I am pursuing making the new collectors better and more environmentally friendly.
    The cost of and type of mold is why I would like to get a good read of annual usage needs for entire market. Big difference in processes (unit and mold cost) used for lower volumes versus high volume production runs. I need to know if it’s just a few posters here left of users or if most of the Demolizer global market has collector needs. Several previous users I spoke with have given up and gone back to using waste haulers. Others left stranded by BMTS have started to contact me and would like a solution. I understand individually we don’t have time or resources required to pursue our own solution, it will take a collectively effort and I am definitely going to do it.
    Please any and all interested parties spread the word and email me your number of annual minimum needed collectors and I will plan to cover in our production.
    Thanks to all of you who already emailed me. I hope we get a lot more. We will response to your individual requests as quickly as I can and universally update by continuing to post here.


  32. If the following is true, there is plenty of opportunity of doing business selling the collectors. Please read: “About BioMedical Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc.
    BioMedical Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc. BMTS’ products provide biomedical waste treatment solutions for the over 1,000,000 low to medium volume medical waste generators in the US and a global market five times larger than the US.”

  33. If you are still interested in getting collectors for use in your Demolizer II, I would like to have an indication of how many total single collector units you intend to purchase of each collector type (Sharps or Red Bag) prior to ordering an interim production run.

    We have found willing local vendors to produce an interim solution and hopefully will be in their lines to have collectors produced within two weeks. The total number of units in the interim run will determine the final per unit price. Indications are the price per unit will NOT exceed what BMTS charged some of their former customers late last year.

    You will not have to purchase until we have given you the final price and are ready to ship your order. You will be expected to prepay preferably by a credit card to protect both parties for the collectors plus the shipping method cost of your choice, i.e. ground or airfreight. For your online orders, we will not be required to collect sales taxes. PayPal and traditional bank payment methods can also be used to accommodate.

    Because this is a transitional production run – meaning we are investing in the cost of interim top and sharps molds and fabricated metal canisters that will work in the Demolizer II while concurrently seeking a long term collector supply solution – we plan and would like to only do this once. Our resources should be focused on attaining a permanent collector supply solution. The interim sharps collectors will not have a spinning wheel, but will have a protective drop chute.

    Currently we are researching different materials and any associated new regulatory requirements in hopes of making the collectors better, more efficient and convenient to use. Today the lead time for a permanent solution looks to be 90 days or more. So please plan your inventory needs appropriately and allow for adequate quantities in your current purchase requests.

  34. Have you been able to run your device and print labels since there is no telephone plug in support? We are having problems. Is there a trick to bypassing this issue?
    Will the containers be OSHA approved and is there any risk of patent infringement issues?
    I have 12 containers being used simultaneously at all times and replace as they fill.

  35. Dr Ferrara,

    We have not heard from anyone else having machine problems or with label printing because phones are down. We were contacted by a person in charge at a military installation who said they never used the phone modem because of government firewalls and theirs functioned fine.

    Since there is a diversity of jurisdictions in the US, we definitely suggest you all check with your local regulatory agency. We certainly believe in keeping a copy of each completed process at your premise.

    It’s our understanding the container/collectors are not protected intellectual property.

    We intended to fully comply with regulatory authorities when and where necessary. As such after research and inquiry we believe the collectors 510k filing will be deemed “substantially equivalent (for the indications for use stated in the enclosure) to legally marketed predicate devices marketed in interstate commerce prior to May 28, 1976, the enactment date of the Medical Device Amendments”.

  36. :evil:
    I purchased my Demolizer II several years ago and have not had a problem until the later part of 2012. After finally getting in contact with BMTS, they shipped me a new box for my Demolizer and the printer. We sent it FedEx on December 12, 2012 and show that it was picked up and signed for. Since then, I received my back ordered sharps and red bag containers, but have no Demolizer II to use them with.

    Do I understand that my $6000 unit is sitting in a warehouse unrepaired and the IRS has locked down the company??

  37. Please spread the word. We will be able to get the collectors from Mike. The more people informed about this, the more people will benefit. Do not sign a contract with Stericylcle yet please! If we all stick together and create a market for the containers we will be able to continue using our demolizers. I e-mailed Mike and he has been keeping me posted. I encourage all to contact him.

  38. Dr. Goldstein,

    I hope you had success calling Colorado’s Department of Revenue and/or the IRS to reclaim your property.

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