Cool Pharmacy Technology – ZiuZ Inspector

The ZiuZ Inspector – or is it the Foresee Inspector – is an interesting system designed to inspect the contents of unit dose packages produced by high-speed unit dose packagers. I don’t think there’s much need for this in most acute care pharmacy operations here in the U.S. because we don’t unit dose enough tablets and/or capsules to make it worth while, but I do think it may have potential in some long-term care pharmacies using a central dispensing model. Who knows, that’s not really my area of expertise.

The ZiuZ Inspector:

  • Verifies the contents of each unit dose bag by analyzing the size, shape and color of each item
  • Takes a photo of each side of the package and saves it for future reference. The images can be viewed with the ZiuZ Viewer pictured below.
  • Can handle up to 3600 unit dose bags per hour

Just think, you don’t even have to be at the packaging site to verify the contents of each bag. All you would have to do is use some type of telepharmacy setup. Tech-check-tech anyone?

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