VGo telepresence robot has Verizon LTE

Engadget: “the VGo ‘bot — a chest-high roving device that has a display and camera built-in and allows patients and others to interact with a remote operator — is at CES this year to show off its inclusion of Verizon LTE, instead of the WiFi-only model we’ve seen in times past.” – So? So this means you’re no longer confined to locations with Wi-Fi. It means you can have telepresence (telemedicine, telepharmacy) anywhere. Need a specialist’s opinion in the middle of nowhere? Ok, just fire up the VGo robot with Verizon LTE.

For those of you that haven’t experience “4G” you’re missing out. It’s quite snappy. I frequently use my Galaxy Nexus to watch movies on Netflix while waiting for my daughter at Volleyball practice. No lag. No buffering. Just a smooth movie watching experience.


1 thought on “VGo telepresence robot has Verizon LTE”

  1. It also means much simplified setup, _especially_ in Enterprise and Education environments that can have very complex firewall rules!

    Also, it means if you have one at home, you can show off by driving it down the sidewalk in your neighborhood to fetch your kids when they’re playing outside :-)


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