A couple of really nice webinars from Pharmacy OneSource coming up

I received an email today from Pharmacy OneSource outlining their upcoming webinars. Pharmacy OneSource has been offering great webinars for a while now, but these really piqued my interest.

4/18/12 - Putting Pharmacogenomics into Practice Strategies for Successful Implementation

Leslie Mackowiak, RPh, MS will briefly introduce pharmacogenomics and some standard terminology. She will then review the experience of the pharmacists in supporting the practical application of pharmacogenomics into clinical practice using computer tools. This will involve describing the role of electronic health records and clinical decision support in facilitating drug management using pharmacogenomics. She will identify strategies and techniques for pharmacists to lead the introduction of pharmacogenomics at their practice site.

Pharmacogenetic information is currently included in more than 200 drug labels in the United States and the field continues to grow rapidly. There has not been a commensurate effort to establish the resources, methods, and infrastructure, which would allow the translation of such evidence, representing a major obstacle in the application of testing.

Mackowiak will describe how Vanderbilt University Medical Center assembled a multidisciplinary, multidepartment team consisting of pathology, informatics, pharmacy, practicing clinicians, ethicists, and legal and regulatory administrators to oversee the implementation of pharmacogenetics.

5/2/12 - Mistake Proofing to Reduce Medical Errors

A mistake-proofing device is any mechanism that either prevents a mistake from being made or makes the mistake obvious at a glance. The ability to find mistakes at a glance is essential because, as Shingo writes, “The causes of defects lie in worker errors, and defects are the results of neglecting those errors.  It follows that mistakes will not turn into defects if worker errors are discovered and eliminated beforehand.” Most mistake-proofing devices are physical objects which can be photographed. 

Dr. John Grout has been researching, documenting and teaching Mistake-proofing for 20 years.  Learn about this technique for eliminating defects, improving quality, and streamlining work. He will discuss mistake-proofing within the specific context of health care, including lots of examples.  

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