Medication reconciliation on an internal medicine unit in French hospital [Article]

Interesting abstract from Presse Medicale (Paris, France) talking about medication reconciliation on an internal medicine unit in a French hospital. The authors found lots or discrepancies, which isn’t a surprise. They also found that pharmacists could help identify and correct many of the discrepancies, which also isn’t a surprise.

Like many other articles I’ve read recently, this one is from data collected quite a while ago. The information was obtained from 61 patients between  June and October 2010. The article is from the March 2012 issue of the journal. I always marvel at how long it takes study results to get published.

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  1. Hi Fahad – If you mean that pharmacist assisted med rec can help resolve errors, then I agree. If you’re speaking about the process in general, I’d have to disagree. I’ve been on the receiving end of hundreds (thousands?) of poorly written med rec orders full of errors, omissions, dangerous inclusions, etc. With few exceptions, hospitals continue to struggle with med rec, and that’s why it continues to be such a hot topic. Involving pharmacists in the process is a no-brainer, but remains uncommon. – Jerry

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