Improving medication safety with accurate medication lists and education [article]

Here’s an interesting article in the October 2012 issue of Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Safety. The article looks at the impact of pharmacy involvement in the medication reconciliation process. In this “study” pharmacy was involved in ensuring an accurate medication list as well as following up with patients after discharge to “enhance patient safety”.

Overall the results appear positive: improved accuracy of pre-admission medication lists, reduction in medication errors, reduction in 30- and 60-day readmission, and reduction in ADEs associated with readmission and ED visits.

I only have two minor complaints about the article. First, the data is old. It’s good information, but the impact is diluted by the fact that it was collected nearly 2 years ago. And second, you have to have a subscription to read the entire article, or be willing to shell out $20 to download the full text. Information like this should be open access.

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