SharePractice – a collaborative clinical reference for physicians

Here’s an interesting concept.

SharePractice is an application that uses the idea of crowdsourcing other physicians to rank treatments for various disease states.

“Good doctors make bad decisions because knowledge sources are incomplete and static. Medical reference tools are biased by business interests and take too long to update. Reading research papers is an antiquated process that most busy doctors just don’t have time to read.

It is challenging for doctors to remain aware of new or effective treatments because there are no easy ways for us to communicate, evaluate and share clinical insights. So we call, text, email, use forums and go to conferences. But this data is not collected and it is lost.

Share Practice gives doctors power to collaborate on treatments and rate clinical efficacy.  Our next generation medical reference gives every doctor the ability to ‘publish’ findings, get feedback from the community, review conventional therapies and incorporate new and integrative medicines into the collective knowledge-base.

Share Practice is the most current source of medical information, contributed to and maintained by doctors around the world. Beautifully simple, mobile and freely available, Share Practice is built for doctors; by doctors.”

Check the video below to get a better idea of what SharePractice is.

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