How to get InkSeine to run on a Windows 8 tablet

I’ve written about InkSeine before. It’s a great little application for those of us that like inking on a tablet, but it’s an older application that was never put into production. InkSeine was never updated to work with Windows 8, either. I’ve tried, and failed, several times to get it up and running on my Windows 8 machines.

However, I finally got around to trying a workaround that a reader left as a comment on my site back in October; yeah, sometimes I’m a little slow.

Tawanda October 15, 2013 at 10:17 am –  Jerry, here’s how I got Inkseine working. I use a PDF markup software called Bluebeam Revu. Without bluebeam installed, Inkseine crashes on launch the way most users are reporting. Install Bluebeam back and Inkseine runs fine. So it looks like Bluebeam installs some Microsoft components that Inkseine requires, I just haven’t tried to figure out which ones. But it works. Install Bluebeam Revu even if you will never run it, and Inkseine runs well. Hopefully other tinkers will key out the components required so that those who do not use Bluebeam Revu do not have to install it. Hope it helps.

Works like a charm. Bluebeam Revu can be found here. I was going to purchase the software, but it’s $220. I downloaded the trial instead. Anyway, InkSeine is working perfectly on my ASUS VivoTab Note 8.

Good luck and enjoy.

4 thoughts on “How to get InkSeine to run on a Windows 8 tablet”

  1. thanks for the excellent advice on getting Inkseine to run on a windows 8 tablet. l love that program …. but am going to have to let it go for two reasons:
    1. 32 gb is not enough for the program and blu revu to earn its keep!!
    2.the processor on my toshiba encore just makes it run too slow to be usable.
    thanks once again, and iy you ever identify a smaller file set to turn inkseine on, I will be delighted!



  2. Thanks for stopping by, Ivor. I went through the process, but Inkseine had some issues on my machine. Ended up removing it and going back to OneNote for all my needs.


    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I followed the instructions and got Inkseine working on a windows tablet recently up-graded to Windows 10. Amazing!

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