Cool Pharmacy Technology – WillCall Rx from SencorpWhite

I had an interesting call with an account executive from SencorpWhite last week. He and I talked about several things, but one thing I found particularly interesting is something the company is doing in the outpatient pharmacy space with horizontal carousels. Carousels are neat technology for those that have a need for automated storage space, i.e. you’re “space challenged” in your pharmacy. When coupled with bar-code scanning technology carousels are a good way to manage all kinds of inventory in a pharmacy.

The system from SencorpWhite is referred to as WillCall Rx and consists of several components designed to store and retrieve prescription items that have been filled and are ready for patient pickup. I’m familiar with the WillCall Rx system and have had the pleasure of seeing it up close and personal in two large outpatient pharmacies attached to large medical centers. It’s a neat concept.

The heart of the system consists of a horizontal carousel and the WillCall Rx (Maple Tree) software. For those of you unfamiliar with a horizontal carousel, it rotates left to right/right to left – think clockwise and counterclockwise – instead of top to bottom/bottom to top like a vertical carousel. Basically the carousel rotates and brings the stored item to you instead of you having to retrieve the item from a remote location; very handy in outpatient pharmacies. See the images below for a visual.

The WillCall Rx software is graphical in nature. Coupled with a touch-friendly design makes it pretty intuitive and easy to use, which is something that’s often overlooked in pharmacy software today. I’ve added some attached screen shots below.

Obviously the system makes storage and retrieval of patient prescriptions simpler, but the system can also track items throughout the pharmacy which can certainly be helpful at times. This is especially true in outpatient pharmacies where items that have to be returned to stock will often linger on shelves for a long period of time. That’s a no-no these days when dealing with insurance companies.

I couldn’t find much at the SencorpWhite website other than their press release for the ASHP Midyear Meeting in Vegas last year, which can be found here.

Hoizontal Carousel Concept

WillCall Rx Horizontal Carousel

WillCallRx Installed

WillCall Rx Attendant Screen

WillCall Rx Grafic Assist

WillCall Rx Pick Station
Images used with permission from SencorpWhite 2014

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    thank you, I showed your blog comments to the folks here in Riyadh, SA & it lended even more credence to our presentation. timing or words could not of been more in snyc…thank you…John

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