Lexicomp’s new Drug ID mobile module [video]

Lexicomp has a new Drug ID module for their suite of mobile applications.

Based on the Tweet I thought the new application would identify “loose drugs” with the camera on a mobile device like Medsnap, but that’s not the case.

According to the website Lexi-Drug ID “provides the ability to quickly identify unknown medications. By entering a visual descriptor, or combination of descriptors, each medication in a patient’s drug regimen can be identified. Linking to full drug monographs and additional support data help in point-of-care decision-making.

The visual descriptors include:

  • Physical imprint and markings
  • Color, shape, dosage form
  • Brand name
  • Generic form
  • National Drug Code (NDC) number
  • Labeler

Overall it looks like a nice addition to the Lexicomp mobile package. However, there is one glaring problem I see with the application at this time. “Drug ID images are currently only available in the iPhone version.” That’s what I would consider a major hole, and something they need to address immediately.

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