Cool Pharmacy Technology – Kiro Oncology System

I’ve recently had conversations with several companies outside the U.S. developing robotic technology for the i.v. room. One of those systems is the Kiro Oncology System. Check the video below.

A couple of things worth noting:

  • The system uses dual robotic arms during the compounding process. This is something that is important for the next generation of i.v. room robots. The current crop of i.v. room robots here in the U.S. use a single arm. Think about the inefficiency of one-armed sterile compounding.
  • The Kiro Oncology System is self-cleaning. This is a concept that appears to be more popular “in Europe” than it is here in the U.S. Kiro Oncology isn’t the first overseas group I’ve dealt with that is pushing the idea of self-cleaning. None of the U.S. vendors have ever mentioned it.

4 thoughts on “Cool Pharmacy Technology – Kiro Oncology System”

  1. Kiro Robotics & Grifols signed on a joint venture in September 2014.
    Kiro Oncology has been recently presented at the 15th EAHP (European Association of Hospital Pharmacists) Congress in Hamburg, Germany as part of the Grifols’ booth at the Exhibit Area.
    The Kiro Oncology system performed live demonstrations every 2 hours with great expectation and attendance by European hospital pharmacists.
    Kiro Oncology is under FDA approval process and will be launched in the USA by Grifols during 2015.
    Exciting technology !

  2. We are in process for establishing a sterile compounding pharmacy in California, USA , developing the requirements to fit the needs of the market and for projecting sales to cover the cost of this development. While the Kiro Oncology is targeted to hospitals, we can see how it can be further used for hospital discharge as well as home care patients, and in doing so lowering the health care costs for patient management. Please let me know what the barriers are to deploying this robotic set-up in the USA as well as the costs of such equipment, with maintenance support.
    Many thanks

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