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Vestigo is web-based Investigational Drug Service (IDS) software made by the McCreadie Group, Inc., a privately held pharmacy software company out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The McCredie Group is a small boutique company that builds software for niche markets like IDS.

I’ve worked in pharmacies that have an IDS, and let me just say that there’s a lot of record keeping involved and attention to detail is important. One would think that the “the drug” would be the most important thing, but that’s not really the case. Records, logs, and traceability are key.

Anyway, one of the products offered by the McCreadie Group is Vestigo. I’ve come across the product in pharmacies while traveling, but never really given it much attention. Because it’s such a niche product I couldn’t even tell you who they’re competing against.

Don’t go Googling for information on Vestigo, because you’re probably not going to find much. The company has done a pretty good job of not marketing their product and keeping relevant information off the internet. Not sure how that’s possible in this day and age, but I wasn’t able to find more than some old reference articles and press releases.

I have verified with the company that they will be at the 50th ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition in New Orleans in early December. I’m interested enough in the product to drop by their booth and have a look. Until then, here’s what the McCreadie Group site has to say about Vestigo:

Vestigo increases IDS safety and compliance…

  • Protocols structured in a logical and safe manner
  • Product selection limited to drugs used for the current protocol
  • Automated checks for expired products and IRB approvals
  • Patient management functions prevent dispensing to patients not enrolled
  • Accurate, electronic drug accountability records
  • High-quality, safe labels with barcodes
  • Built-in workflow for safe practices
  • Logging and audit trails required for HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

…and improves IDS efficiency and reduces costs

  • Electronic protocol managementFully automated protocol billing (increases revenue and reduces the cost of generating the bill
  • Electronic inventory management including tracking patient-specific items, returns and destructions
  • Reduced paperwork and handwriting
  • Integrated dispensing with automatic label generation
  • Extensive reporting to track operations, workload and financials

So if you’re in the market for an IDS solution, you might give Vestigo a look and request a demo.

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  1. Jerry, I’m sorry you didn’t stop at our booth in NOLA where I would have been happy to share more about our software for IDS. I noticed that in a post-show summary you refer to Vestigo as a Smart-Fridge. I trust you will make that correction and let your readers know that Vestigo is used by many of the most prestigious research pharmacies in the country. Our marketing may be modest but with over 60 highly satisfied clients and over ten years of success, users, sponsor monitors and even auditors serve as well as the best marketing tool – positive word of mouth endorsement.

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