Increased IV production means increased automation…and data

Interesting timing on this article at Healthcare IT News: “With an eye on improving safety, increasing compliance and reducing waste, an increasing number of hospitals and health systems are looking to insource and automate their IV compounding processes… Campbell said that the transition to robotic sterile compounding has resulted in a cost savings of $100,000…At the core of the technology is Omnicell’s REINVENT – Registry for Intravenous Technology in Pharmacy – global, multi-site data registry designed to collect compounded sterile preparation data from hospitals and health systems for evaluation, analysis and insight.”

I spent some time earlier this week speaking with Omnicell about their IV room automation and technology, including REINVENT. I’ve written about REINVENT before. Since that time, Omnicell has made big strides in connecting customers and collecting sterile compounding data.

It is my belief that most companies in this space fail to understand the value of all the data floating around in pharmacies. There is so much untapped potential there. Few vendors have given serious consideration to how best to deal with it, much less create a product that brings value to their customers. I’m pretty stoked about what Omnicell is doing with REINVENT and hope that other vendors will follow their lead. The future of pharmacies is in the data.

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