Cool Technology For Pharmacy

Sentri7 is a clinical rules engine by PharmacyOneSource that offers real-time identification and alerts for possible intervention opportunities. The software is web-based and can function with existing hospital software to analyze medicaiton lists, laboratory results and patient data to provide pharmacists with automated clinical monitoring.
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Cool Technology in Pharmacy

The InforMedix Med-eMonitor is an internet enabled medication storage device that sounds musical chimes when it’s time for a patient to take their medication. Coined a “smat pillbox” by the maker it provides dosing instructions to the user and monitors their medication use. According to the website the device offers:

– Medication reminders and dosing information for up to 25 medicationsmedemonitor
– Separate medication trays slots to hold up to 5 different medications
– Secure monitoring 24 hours a day
– General health questionnaires and health education
– Alerts to caregivers and loved ones, whom you select, are sent as necessary if medications are  missed or health is declining
– 24/7 support available through optional support services-COMING SOON
– Supports the “five Rights” of Medication Safety – Right Patient, Right Medication, Right Dose, Right Time, Right route of administration

The device has been used successfully in at least one study along with similar devices in other studies.