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Sentri7 is a clinical rules engine by PharmacyOneSource that offers real-time identification and alerts for possible intervention opportunities. The software is web-based and can function with existing hospital software to analyze medicaiton lists, laboratory results and patient data to provide pharmacists with automated clinical monitoring.

Examples of interventions listed on the Sentri7 website include:

  • Sensitive and resistant drug/bug combinations
  • Anticoagulation status for DVT patients
  • Alerts for Kayexelate or Naloxone STAT orders
  • Erythropoetin: received epo + Hgb >/= 12
  • Renal dosing: scr >1.5 + age > 65 years + on selected renally-eliminated drugs
  • Potassium: diuretic + no k+ supplement + k<3.5
  • Digoxin: digoxin + digoxin level
  • Metformin: metformin + scr >1.4 and patient is female
  • IV-to-PO: on IV medication listed on target IV-to-PO conversion list
  • CMS Indicator: troponin > 0.2 or ckMB positive and not on a B-blocker, ACE/ARB/ASA/statin
  • Warfarin: warfarin + INR > 4.0
  • Patient receiving Aspirin, Clopidogrel, or NSAID and platelets < 50,000 mm3
  • Patient receiving Amphotericin, Foscarnet, Fluconazole, or Itraconazole and Creatinine >1.5 mg/dl and rising
  • Order for Phytonadione not scheduled as PRN
  • Order for Meperidine not scheduled as PRN
  • Target renally-eliminated medications and creatinine clearance < 50ml/min
  • Patient receiving Amitriptyline and patient’s age >65

A similar system is available from TheraDoc. Systems like these can often times help hospitals meet Joint Commission standards and National Patient Safety Goals.

4 thoughts on “Cool Technology For Pharmacy”

  1. Jerry, Thanks for the mention in your blog. We here at Pharmacy OneSource appreciate you taking the time to highlight the work we are doing.

    Good Luck!
    Charles Westergard, BSPharm, MBA
    VP Clinical Affairs, Pharmacy OneSource

  2. My Pleasure, Charles. I love innovative, forward thinkers such as the people at Pharmacy OneSource. I was involved with the implementation of your product (when it was still HealthProLink) at Community Medical Centers in Fresno. There was a time when I couldn’t go ten seconds without thinking about a new way to use PDAs in pharmacy practice and your product was a great solution. It made capturing intervention data a snap.

    In a related development, I received an email this morning from the pharmacy administration (at my current hospital) to evaluate Simplifi 797. They wanted to know if I’d ever heard of it and what it could do to help us. Looks like I’ll be speaking with you again, soon. Take care and thanks for stopping by.

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