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Last week I posted about some bar-coding troubles we were having. One of the comments regarding the information in the post was left by a pharmacist named Max Peoples. Max offered up some great information and mentioned a piece of software called NDC Translator from RxScan.

From Max’s comment: “One answer to the medication NDC # barcode scanning problem is to use the software called NDC Translator(TM) with your barcode scanners. Information at

It intercepts the raw data coming from the barcode scanner, evaluates it’s content and if it contains the 10 digit NDC # (required to be there by law in a medication barcode) it converts the raw data into the 11 digit NDC # format and then sends the 11 digit NDC over to the application you are scanning into, in this case Jerry’s barcode labeling software.”

I’ve read about NDC Translator before and dismissed it because I couldn’t find enough information on the company’s website. However, secondary to last week’s mishap I’ve decided to re-evaluate my position and give NDC Translator another look. The concept is simple and straight forward, but what the software does behind the scene is not. The upside is tremendous as it has the potential to prevent mix-ups like those described in my previous blog post.

And to top it off the RxScan Kit with NDC Translator Software is very inexpensive. The website lists a single-scanner annual license fee of $399, which includes updates and technical support. Nothing in healthcare is that affordable, seriously.

I would really like to see the software in action. A video demonstration would be nice, but I tried searching YouTube and came up empty.

According to the RxScan website:

RxScan Kit with NDC Translator â„¢ is a combination of an RxScan barcode scanner and the NDC Translator software.

The NDC TranslatorTM is a software application that sits between your scanner and your pharmacy/BPOC/BCMA system and monitors information coming in from your scanner. When you scan a barcode, it performs its magic. This allows you to scan:

  1. NDC number bar codes. Using the patented Instant NDCTMtechnology it automatically inserts the 11-digit NDC number into your application.
  2. Rx and transaction number bar codes on labels

The NDC TranslatorTM software eliminates data entry errors and can be supplied as

  • a stand-alone product, configured to work with your existing scanners
  • as a kit, packaged with an RxScan scanner

5 thoughts on “Cool Technology for Pharmacy – NDC Translator”

  1. I too was looking to solve this most vexing issue. I looked at RXScan and determined that it was too expensive. I have a dense scanner population, and their pricing model including annual fees was just too high… I kept looking, and found a product called MediParse. (

    Details: (

    This is really an elegant solution, and is incredibly easy to implement. There is no software, and no database to maintain. Best of all, it was a FRACTION of the price of RXScan.

    I called the company, and they were very helpful. They sent me a demo scanner, and all I did was plug it into a USB port on a PC. The first drug I scanned was one of those nasty little RSS Composite codes, and the scanner decoded it without a problem, and gave me the exact 11 digit NDC… PRESTO!

    I have since purchased many scanners (wired and wireless)and have been extremely happy!

    Problem solved!

  2. Kevin,

    Any scanner will input the ndc into a field, I thought? Does the “mediaparse” field the LOT #; Expiration Date and Manufacturer Data?

    I agree with you that the annual fee is a tad ridiculous – but the scanner/software that rxscan provides seems like a major savior of time.



  3. Hi Sean,

    I wouldn’t presume to answer for Kevin, but I’m not even sure MediParse exists anymore. When I go to the DataFlo website I can’t seem to find information on it. Short lived product if it no longer exists.


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