Medicated patch slips into wrong ADC pocket


Hospital Pharmacy: “During the process of with drawing a patient’s nicotine patch from an automated dispensing cabinet (ADC), a carousel pocket opened to reveal 2 nicotine patches and 1 fentaNYL 50 mcg/hr patch. The nurse using the ADC immediately called the pharmacy to report the discrepancy. The pharmacy investigated and found that it was not a dispensing error. Both patches (nicotine and fentaNYL) were stored in the same medication carousel, and the fentaNYL patch slipped over the top of one pocket and into another pocket that contained nicotine patches. Generally, the hospital reserved ADC carousel pockets for controlled substances, but there was a history of pilferage of the nicotine patches when stored in matrix drawers. To deter pilferage, the pharmacy began stocking them in secure carousel pockets with the tracking feature on to count the product. FentaNYL was in a nearby pocket by itself, but when the carousel turned, patches sticking up from the fentaNYL pocket were caught and dragged to another pocket that housed nicotine patches.” - This type of occurrence is more common than you might think. To prevent this type of thing from happening, many hospitals will utilize a system similar to the Pyxis CUBIE system. Pyxis CUBIE pockets are small containers with a clear plastic lid. The lid remains closed until that medication is accessed via the Pyxis medication terminal. This prevents items from jumping to another location.

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