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Installing and using Citrix Receiver on your iPhone/iPod Touch

While at ASHP Midyear a colleague and friend of mine, @pillguy, was able to pull up the pharmacy system at his hospital using Citrix on his iPhone. At that moment I was attacked by a green monster and nearly consumed with envy. I can not yet match this feat of superiority with my Droid, but I’m hopeful.

Citrix Receiver is a free download from Citrix Systems, Inc. available at the iTunes store. To use Citrix Receiver simply go to the iTunes store, download it and follow the onscreen instructions. Below are some screen shots using Citrix Receiver to access applications at my facility.







2 thoughts on “Cool Technology for Pharmacy”

  1. Jerry

    Hope no longer, there’s already a tech preview for the Citrix Receiver for Android

    There’s a little more behind the scenes work needed before you can ge this to work for real though. Getting your IT guys to let open the network to new technology is proabably the biggest issue you will face,

    How much call do yo think there is for smart phone access to pharmacy systems? Enough to push vendors to optimise their apps for small form factor displays?

  2. Simon,

    Thanks for the information, and for the introduction to your site. It has been added to my RSS reader.

    Getting my IT guys to do anything is quite a task, much less getting them to look at a new technology like this. I’m the only person using an Android smart phone at our facility that I am aware of. I tried to demonstrate the my Droid’s capability to our CIO, but he showed very little interest. The iPhone is by far the most popular and our IT department has been slow to adopt that technology. It’s really too bad as mobile technology can do so much to expand healthcare.

    As good as smart phone technology is, I don’t see much growth in using them to access a pharmacy information system. There just isn’t enough screen real estate to make it useful. I would use it on a case by case bases, but that is just me. I always have my smart phone with me, but can’t say the same for my laptop or tablet pc. With that said, I prefer accessing our pharmacy system remotely on my tablet over something with a smaller screen.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving the information. It’s much appreciated.

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