Solution to illegible handwriting puzzle

Thanks for all the people who ventured a guess. Only the medications are transcribed and the original image is posted below the answers as a reference.

Line 1: “Give Azithromycin 250mg IV”
Line 2: “daily”
Line 3: “D/C Pulmicort, Marinol, Lasix,”
Line 4: “Diflucan, Folic acid, Neurontin,”
Line 5: “Megace, Vitamins, K-phos, disalcid”
Line 7: “Decadron 2mg IV daily.”


4 thoughts on “Solution to illegible handwriting puzzle”

  1. A really good reason for so many doctors switching to computers to keep records and send prescriptions to the pharmacy.
    Frankly though this looks more like the writing of a criminal than a doctor.

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