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As I’ve mentioned before our AutoCarousel system from Talyst utilizes barcode scanners from Code Corp, specifically the Code Reader 3.0 (CR3). As you my or not be aware, I’ve been working with Code Corp and Talyst over the past several months in an attempt to replace our aging CR3 with Code Corps newest version of the scanner, the Code Reader 3500.

The Code Reader 3500 uses newer technology over the CR3 and performs much better with our carousel. The reader is easier to use due to its wider target area and “reflection and glare reducing illumination”. It’s also quite a bit faster. The technicians love it.

We had some initial problems with the scanner. It read the barcodes fine, but our AutoPharm system had trouble interpreting the information. Needless to say we were a bit disappointed. However, while at ASHP Midyear I had a chance run in with some folks from Code Corp. The two minute conversation I had with them resulted in Code Corp sending a representative to Kaweah Delta to help me resolve the issue with the scanner.

The representative provided us with a new Code Reader 3500, programmed it, and tested it. Unfortunately we continued to have issues with the scanner at which time Code Corp sent out a second product specialist that eventually hooked me up with one of the company’s product engineers. After tossing around some ideas the engineer figured out the problem, sent me a new programming barcode, and like magic our issue was resolved.

In a time when I experience poor customer service and support from some of our vendors, it’s refreshing to see a company go out of their way to support their products. Kudos to Code Corp.

What brought all this up? Over the weekend one of the technicians dropped the 3500 scanner and broke the trigger on the battery handle. They ended up going back to the old CR3 that I keep as a backup for just such an emergency. Needless to say, they weren’t happy about having to give up the 3500 scanner. If they would have called me I could have told them that the battery handle on the CR3 can be used on the 3500. It took me about 30 seconds to switch the handles and everyone was happy once again. I guess it really is about the simple things in life. Go figure.

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