IntelliDose EHR integration

CMIO: “Allscripts will integrate IntrinsiQ’s IntelliDose chemotherapy management tool into its EHR product suite as a new offering for physician practices.

The Waltham, Mass.-based IntrinsiQ’s IntelliDose calculates and tracks the administration of chemotherapy treatments and will enable Allscripts’ multi-specialty and oncology clients to manage oncology patient care workflow, according to the company.

Under the agreement, oncology practices will work with Allscripts account managers to coordinate with implementation and training specialists from the IntelliDose team. Integration of IntelliDose into Allscripts tools will enable Allscripts clients to select the add-on program to navigate patient records across both systems, IntrinsiQ stated. “

This sounds like an interesting concept. I tried looking for detailed information on IntelliDose, but really couldn’t find much. Based on information at the IntrinsiQ website it appears that IntelliDose is a clinical decision support system designed specifically for chemotherapy. Based on the description, IntelliDose does many of the same things that a pharmacy information system does, i.e. checks for “body surface area limitations, patient allergies, and exceptional lab results” in addition to reviewing “dosage variables such as ideal weight, serum creatinine, and creatinine clearance.” Sounds like a pharmacist.

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  1. An add-on program to navigate patient records across 2 systems.

    That sounds like 2 new interfaces to me, and more room for error. It would have to be an amazing product for the end user ire I was considering it.

  2. As I mentioned, I couldn’t find a whole lot of information on the company website. It looks like a modified word processing system with built in templates that pulls demographic info from the healthcare system, allows the physician to write an order, performs some “checking” and them sends the information back. I really wanted to see some screen shots or example entry, but came up empty. Outpatient use.

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