New edition of “Keys to EMR/EHR Success” available

EMR Daily News: “Greenbranch Publishing announces the Second Edition of the breakthrough book for practices eager to minimize the costs, confusion and outright risks of choosing and implementing an Electronic Medical Record system. Keys to EMR/EHR Success: Selecting and Implementing an Electronic Medical Record, 2nd Edition by Ronald Sterling, CPA, MBA, paperback, 304 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9827055-0-6, list price – $139.00

The 1st Edition of Keys to EMR Success, was the HIMSS Book of the Year Award winner. In this revised Edition, nationally recognized expert Ron Sterling has included new chapters on EHR and Malpractice Risk, ARRA and Meaningful Use as well as detailed coverage of conversion issues for practices that have an old EMR.

“There is no question,” says Sterling, “that the selection and implementation of an EHR is a ‘bet-the-practice’ proposition. If you fail, you end up with more costs and greater frustration. Yet, few practices will be able to avoid implementing EHRs.”

I looked for the book in the usual places, i.e. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. I found the first addition, but no luck on the second. I even had hopes of finding it in electronic format for the Nook, Kindle or even the iPad. Nope. So if you want to purchase the book you’ll need to go directly to the Greenbranch Publishing website.

While contemplating purchasing this book something occured to me. With the length of time it takes to publish a book, how relative would this material be to the current state of EHR/EMR implementation? Technology is moving at lightning speed. Maybe it’s time to consider a new way of disseminating information like this. Just a thought.

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