Top blog posts and searches from last week (24)

I always find it interesting to see what brings someone to my website and what they decided to read once they get here.

Most read posts over the past 7 days:

  1. Medscape Mobile for the BlackBerry – Still rolling along after several weeks at the top. The BlackBerry is a long way from being dead.
  2. Participation in the ASHP Summer Meeting from afar #ashpsm10 – I would like to see ASHP adopt some form of live webcast during their large annual meeting like the Summer Meeting and Midyear. I don’t see a downside.
  3. Scanning difficulties with certain barcodes
  4. Cool Technology for Pharmacy – Practice Fusion EMR – Great piece of software.
  5. A recent trifecta for bar-coding
  6. Best iPhone / iPod Touch Applications for Pharmacists – Just throw any Apple product in the mix and it’s bound to make the list.
  7. Quick update: Pharmacy iPad use – See #6 comment
  8. Cool Technology for Pharmacy – This was before I started putting the name of the cool technology in the blog title. This particular post was from Jun 18, 2009 and covered Alaris Smartpumps.
  9. Curriculum Vitae
  10. Musings on the “cloud”

Top searchterm phrases used over the past 7 days:

  1. “cloud computing cartoon”
  2. “black cloud”
  3. “ipad practice fusion”
  4. “dynamed”
  5. pharmacist dispensing equipment
  6. ipad pharmacy applications
  7. drug information handbook and ipod
  9. latitude xt2
  10. ipad in pharmacy

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