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Rethinking Chromebooks

A couple of years ago, I tried switching from a Windows laptop to a Chromebook. It didn’t work. At the time, I was simply too entrenched in my specific needs to make the switch. Things have changed since then. For over a year, I’ve been using an ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 as my primary computing […]

Study questions what we consider an ‘adherent’ patient

MedicalXpress: “A study at Universidad Miguel Hernández (UMH) in Elche shows that patients defined automatically as “adherent” by dint of collecting their prescriptions each month are not necessarily any better than their “non-adherent” peers at actually taking their medication…. The main finding, then, was that lack of adherence even among those patients who regularly collected their […]

NFC packaging for medications

NFC is good for more than figuring out how much liquor you have. NFC World: “The two companies [Thinfilm and Jones Packaging] are collaborating to integrate Thinfilm’s NFC OpenSense technology into paperboard pharma packaging and establish key manufacturing processes for production on Jones’ high speed lines.” In addition “the work…will also include the integration of ferrite shield […]

Saturday morning coffee [August 22 2015]

“Don’t accept that others know you better than yourself. Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will inevitably bring about right results.” – James Allen The mug below comes from the University of Arizona in Tucson. I was there earlier in the week doing some research on a project. In fact, […]

Saturday morning coffee [March 14 2015]

“There is nothing in which people more betray their character than in what they laugh at.” – Goethe So much happens each and every week, and it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Here are some of the tabs that are open in my browser this morning along with some random thoughts…. The mug below comes […]

Inhaled Corticosteroid Adherence and Emergency Department Utilization Among Medicaid-enrolled Children with Asthma [article]

J Asthma. 2013 Jun 5. [Epub ahead of print], Rust G, Zhang S, Reynolds J. Abstract Objectives: Asthma is the most prevalent chronic disease among children enrolled in Medicaid. This study measured real-world adherence and outcomes after an initial prescription for inhaled corticosteroid therapy in a multi-state Medicaid population. Methods: We conducted a retrospective study […]

Ideas, Vision, Innovation: Fantasy vs. Reality

Simply put, I think you need an idea and a vision to be innovative. Sounds simple enough. I’ve read that good ideas are hard to come by, vision even harder and innovation rare. I don’t buy it. I believe innovation is difficult, but probably not for the reasons you might expect. On the other hand […]

Great response to “Why pharmacy continues to fail”

The Cynical Pharmacist (TCP) dropped by my site and left a great comment in response to my  Why pharmacy continues to fail. I don’t know who TCP is, but I hope to meet him in person some day. I get the impression that we would have some great dinner conversation; some pharmacy related, some not. […]

Quick hit: Confusion over industry terminology

I had an interesting conversation with a colleague earlier today. We were talking about a feature set for a new product that we have due out later this year. Some of the language being used to describe a certain feature, and how it would be used, was causing quite a bit of confusion for me. […]

Quick Hit: The decision to be indecisive

Have you ever had something on your plate that just won’t go away because someone is “thinking about it” or trying to “justify it”? Sure you have. I know I have. I always wonder what the person is thinking about when it takes months to make a decision. Doesn’t the information you have to make […]