West Coast fails to get single city in list of top 7 cities for IT jobs…bummer

Healthcare IT News:

Houston claimed the top spot to find an IT job in large part due to its position as a key hub for numerous global organizations – many of which are now rebounding from the recession and benefitting from increased IT budget.


A number of east coast cities also took top spots on the list – including Washington, D.C., which came in second, and boasts a 6 percent unemployment rate, well below the national average. Not surprisingly, most of the employment demand in the nation’s capital is being driven by the U.S. government, as it provides a variety of economic incentives for companies to start up or to relocate in the market. In addition to the government, other sectors seeking IT talent in Washington, D.C. include biotech, associations, telecom, financial services, technology, IT startups/dot-coms, construction and hospitality.

The full list of top cities to find a job in IT are:
1. Houston
2. Washington, DC
3. Columbus, OH
4. Detroit
5. Philadelphia
6. Edison, NJ
7. Boston

Why do you suppose the West Coast is so far out of the loop?

4 thoughts on “West Coast fails to get single city in list of top 7 cities for IT jobs…bummer”

  1. @Rob – I suppose, but how can your IT jobs be in a different place than the software and technology hotbeds. I assume your hotbeds are where the brains are. And as far for moving to Detroit or D.C….yikes! How about Houston or Boston?

  2. @Jay – IT is very different from Software Development. Sure, IT usually has developers, but I’m referring to companies whose sole existence is to create and sell software.

    The software development hotbeds that I’m aware of are…

    0) Silicon Valley – CA
    1) Seattle Area – WA
    2) Boston Area – MA
    3) Portland Area – OR
    4) Austin Area – TX
    5) New York Area – NY

    I’m sure I’ve missed a couple, but if you’re a died in the wool Software Engineer those are the places to be.

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