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In this issue of The Imaginary Journal of Pharmacy Automation and Technology (IJPAT) we take a look at RxAdmix, a system designed to provide barcode scan verification in the IV room. Now why didn’t I think of that? Great concept when you consider the dangers associated with compounding an intravenous medication incorrectly. Doxorubicin? Daunorubicin? Eh, what’s the difference.

RxAdmix utilizes several features that offer increased safety during the IV compounding process

  • automated preparation calculations
  • step by step compounding instructions
  • barcode scan verification for ingredients
  • label printing according to ISMP standards (includes color)
  • 300+ standard infusion concentrations
  • customized compound preparation worksheets

“The RxAdmix software compares the NDC number of the medication’s barcode to the corresponding barcode on the compound preparation worksheet. The scanner alerts the user with both audible and visual message to indicate if the selected drug is an equivalent of the drug called for on the Preparation Worksheet.”

Process steps:

  1. Print a Compound Preparation Worksheet
  2. Gather ingredients
  3. Scan employee badge
  4. Scan worksheet ingredient barcode
  5. Scan drug

Simple, but effective.

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