Great Prezi on Evidence Based Health Informatics

Thanks to Tim Cook over at Google+ for the lead on this one.

I’m familiar with Prezi’s, but have never created one. I played around with the technology once, quickly became frustrated, and gave up. Anyway, the Prezi below from Dr. Robert Hoyt - Evidence Based Health Informatics » Replacing Hype with Science – has a lot of great information in it.

Update 3/13/2013: Looks like the presentation was pulled down. Not sure why, but the link is dead. Unfortunate as it was a great presentation.

Update 8/21/2013: The presentation is back! Dr Hoyt left a comment on this post letting me know that the presentation is up with new and improved content.

You can see the full presentation here or view it below.

6 thoughts on “Great Prezi on Evidence Based Health Informatics”

  1. What! Bar Coded Medication Administration lacking evidence. Shocking!

    While I liked your previous post trashing the meta-analysis of CPOE, the lack of evidence of BCMA is even worse.

  2. My apologies. I took it offline while I was working on it for many months. It is now back online. Glad you derived some benefit from it. Might try to put together a short journal article reflecting my research/comments…..Bob

  3. Excellent! Thanks for the update, Bob. It was such a great Prezi and I certainly hope you follow through with your plans to turn it into a journal article. Good luck. – Jerry

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